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Does Moralis work with hyperledger?

I started the course, but as usual, I cant get stuff to work the way its listed.

so here is how it says to do this in the docs:

const options = { chain: 'bsc', address: "0x..."}
const balances = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getTokenBalances(options);

however the only way I can get data back is to do something like this :

const [ userBal, setUserBal] = useState("")

const options = {
  chain: "bsc",

  useEffect(async() => {
    const amount = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getTokenBalances(options)
  }, []);

Am I doing this wrong?

Hello Gents…
I’m starting the HTML section, and my Mac console doesn’t look like our instructor’s.
I’ll paste what I did, which isn’t working.
Could you tell me how it’s supposed to be done?
Thanks in advance

MacBook-Pro-q:~ apple$ C:\

mkdir WebDev
bash: C:mkdir: command not found
MacBook-Pro-q:~ apple$ WebDev
bash: WebDev: command not found
MacBook-Pro-q:~ apple$

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Hi TheFabled, please remember that this video course is in Vanilla JS, but you are using React.

For more information on React components and hooks for your Moralis project here is the GitHub link to React Moralis docs:

Thank you for the link. I will try using that for samples.

Now on to my next question, lol.

I am trying to display the market cap of any given token. I start by loading the token meta data, then pull the totalSupply using runContractFunction, I pull the updated price from the 1Inch hook. Now Im looking to adjust the total supply for burned tokens so I try to check the balance of the tokens in the burn address.

GetTokenBalance() of the address 0x00000000000… returns nothing? it works for all other addresses.

Is this an issue with the server doing a check to make sure the input address is not the 0x0 address, or maybe is it stopping the historical sync due to the data size of the request?

Already solved in another topic from you, please take a look.

Carlos Z

the address 0x00000… means a zero address, so is normal that does not return any data over that zero address.

Carlos Z

I don’t understand? The zero address is just like any another address. It might hold the most crypto out of all the addresses. Even my own token uses it as a burn address for tokens and LP. Why would it not return any info?

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In Moralis the plugin are not listed for fiat or 1 inch. How can I install them?

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You can read more about it here: :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

Please take a look at the video provided in our docs :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

Hey All
Do I need to pay to access the Moralis Discord Server?

Not at all, its completly free. You just need a discord account, and join to our server.
Any other “pay” feature showed in discord, its them, not us, our discord server is completely free to join.

Carlos Z

Thanks. Could you paste the link here please? The link on the website sends me to a server where I have the “boost” the server and pay.
Kind Regards

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Should redirect you to the same server i have. :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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That worked!

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I noticed that when you get to section 201 / 202 the instructor is presenting code that he says we have already written.

I’m not seeing those sections in the video. Is he referencing a previous video/tutorial series he did?

I took a look through the Moralis videos on YouTube but I’m not seeing anything obvious.

I did look at the git repository and am able to work through the code and understand it but for someone who may be newer to programming, I think this is probably pretty confusing.

Maybe a link to those videos could be added to the video description / links.

Hey @mindfoolgames, hope you are well.

Indeed sir, the template was made for this video, then modified a little bit for this course, which is only vanilla JS.

You can find all the code for each section here:

Carlos Z

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Thank you for the reply.

Fortunately I found the code in the repository and was able to work through it.