What is Moralis and What is Web3?

Please explain as detailed as possible what Moralis does and what web3 is.


Moralis has become one of the most completes ways of programming on Web3 making everything more efficient and less time consuming, preparing developers for the near future of decentralization, this a massive rocket and I wan to be in it.

In the other hand Web3 is the new way of interacting with the internet with web3 any developer can create their own digital asset and expand the possibilities of decentralization by making use of Web3.

Moralis is a layer that helps developers create cross-chain dapps in little to no time, saving both time and money.

To me, in Web2, the user is the product, while in Web3 the user is the client and is able to own digital (and physical) assets. With programming knowledge, in Web3 anyone can create digital assets, platforms and Marketplaces for products and services.

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With Moralis’ solid infrastructure, programmers can quickly and cost-effectively design and deploy cross-chain dapps.

I think web3 can be seen as a movement that empowers people to take ownership of the internet. In contrast to web2, web3 allows users to own a portion of the internet. Anyone can now learn to program money, digital exchanges, assets, etc. that can function on the blockchain.


Moralis is an infrastructure provider for Web3. This is done by being a provider of time-saving, and money-saving, code/tools for developers to build dapps for Web3, and, for organizations to fulfill their goals in Web3 projects.

Web3 is blockchain-communicating dapps/projects/websites/games, etcetera, that facilitate personal ownership of digital assets- not relying on a third-party.

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Moralis provide an infrastructure for building Web3 application call Dapp. With Moralis developer can build a cross-chain Dapp with less time than going to the market. Statistic shows that with Moralis developer build about 87% faster compare to other infrastructure.

Web3 give the user the right of ownership, where user can create own a digital asset in the form token which can be monetized.

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Moralis is a space where anybody can efficiently build high performing decentralized applications (dapps), which are also tranferable across many different web3 services and other platforms.

Web3 is the implementation of blockchain and its values - like decentralization and token use - into the WWW we know today aka building everything that is new based on these values. This gives users the power to own or even create digital property instead of depending on purchasing tools and services from the very centralized Big Tech.

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Moralis provides a powerful infrastructure (SDK) for building decentralized applications. Building a dApp by connecting to an RPC node requires a huge amount of work on top, such as syncing wallets and transaction history. Moralis tackles this issue by offering a unified solution which can be used across different platforms and blockchains, enabling developers to create dApps in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

The main idea behind building the applications which interact with the blockchain is encompassed in the increasing adoption of Web3 technology.

While Web2 mainly relies on centralized organizations owning users’ data, Web3 adds a “programmable ownership” layer to the Internet, meaning users have an opportunity to own their data and digital assets. Therefore, Moralis stands for accelerating the adoption of Web3 by simplifying the process of building dApps.

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What is Web3?

  • An App that interacts with the blockchain e.g. Wallet browser extention or mobile app, NFT marketplace website, game with NFT assets or a DEX (decentralised exchange).
  • This app either reads or writes to the blockchain
  • Web3 is all about ownership of digital assets
  • Web3 allows anyone to program finance and digital assets. You can program money!!! This is the biggest financial sandbox for developers. A token is a stem cell that can be used to represent many things such as governance, financial asset, a house deed or a game item.

What is Moralis?

  • Making Web3 easy for developers, saving ~90% dev time
  • Making functionality easy such as wallet login, reading user’s assets, realtime alerts, tracking users on-chain, on-chain app monitoring ect.
  • Infrastructure on which web3 apps are built, and the tools to build them
  • Infrastrucutre to talk to blockchains
  • Cross-chain - A unified platform that works across many blockchains
  • This allows devs to develop quicker cross-chain as the same codebase can be used with Moralis.


  • App that reads and writes to the blockchain.
  • Web3 brings programmable ownership over the internet- we can program money, assets, collectables, and issue assets in terms of ownership.


  • Moralis is a layer on top of programmable ownership that enables the developers to build a cross-chain platform to run on any platform.
  • Provides tools to build a decentralised app, for example, tracking assets.
  • Unified platform on top of different blockchains- cross-chain
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  • What is web3?
    if you search on Google what is web3 you can not find some unique definition of it just like what is web2, because it is a new emerging environment with benefits from various technologies and the most important one is blockchain. just like bitcoin which provides p2p decentralized value transfer(money) we can build anything decentralized in web3 and it actually can democratize web2.web3 can bring truly ownership of things and assets in a transparent manner.
    -What is Moralis?
    in simple terms, it is Google firebase equivalent in web3.if you want to make some real-world dApps and DAOs with great user experience you need to interact with different blockchains and have some infrastructure to keep your data and events synced. any dapp which has great user experience are not completely decentralized and has some centralized parts.Moralis DAO(SDK) brings such infrustructure and lets you focus on your business domain. you can interact with different blockchains with a unified API.it has some infrastructures to keep smart-contract events and data synced in a mongoDB and lets you to have different wallets to integrate with your dapp.you can attach your local blockchain to it for development time. it supports almost all mainnets and testnets…
    it actually is the supper weapon of a web3 developer.
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Moralis gives developers an easy web3 backend tool for in order to minimize development time so they can head up and concentrate more on business needs, without losing time thinking to connect blockchains, coins or even creating a whole infraestructure from 0 as Moralis is an all in one sandbox that simplify the processes of any financial (DeFi) requirements asked by the PO’s.

web3 is a new internet layer on public blockchains with record keeping of any of the transactions on new born digital assets crreated on a decentralized appeal. It gives people control and administration capacities on different areas of internet. DeFi is a really important component of web3 as it allows real-world financial transactions on the blockchains withouth banks or governments.
web3 is open, trustless, permissionless and universal!
Let’s get deep on it to help others to get in!

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Moralis provides the tools to build DAPPS on web 3 instead of doing everything separate, from scratch. If the application reads* or writes* something on the blockchain, it is then, a Web3 application. Moralis is key to building across different platforms & chains. Moralis simplifies the process of building DAPPS on Web3. delighting the user

Web 3 is an open platform for anyone to program on. Web3 is programmable ownership of some type of digital assets. Ex: Bitcoin. Collectibles. Metaverse land. NFTs. Much more

Moralis and Web3 is a platform that educates and develops in many ways, it’s used for project development, learning and job opportunities and social media activities

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Moralis is basically the infrastructure upon which web3 apps are built. Moralis provides developers with the tools to build these apps where they save approximately 87% of their time and money to introduce their apps to the market.
A Web 3 app is a website, game, and mobile app that interacts with the blockchain.

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Moralis is basically an amazing innovation that reaches everything easily that most places cannot reach. Moralis can build apps very very fast than ever before and you don’t even need to hire a team. Moralis has a lot of amazing features like authenticating users and access to all blockchains

web3 is the future of the internet it is a new way of interacting with the internet where we can create our own digital assets. NFT’s are a big example

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Moralis is a provider of backend web3 infrastructure for developers to create decentralized apps faster and better than they could by themselves. Web3 is the next wave of technology that will bring property rights to digital items and decentralization to the web.



  • a platform to build high perf dapps that can work with any blockchain
  • allowing the developer do deliver quicky and in any chain.


  • brigs a new ownership layer to the internet were we can program money or any other assets.
  • it is all about distributed ownership powering the network’s effects over the dapps and new dao’s.
  • thats’s why web3 must grow and be adopted.

As my understanding:
• Moralis definition: Moralis is an infrastructure to build high-performance web3 apps in a single (unified) workflow, working with Moralis is cross-chain by default

• Moralis benefits:

  • working cross-chain meaning an app don’t need to build from scratch to be able to work of a different blockchain
  • apps can accept users from any blockchain without worrying about technical differences between blockchains

• Web3 definition: brings ownership to digital assets like personal data, products, contributions, etc.

• Web3 benefits:

  • eliminate centralized corporations ownership of users’ data (avoid single-point-of-failure)
  • brings exclusivity and copyrights to users
  • increased security, transparency, control over personal data
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Web3 is programable ownership rights.

Dapps - reads or writes to the blockchain, allowing users (me and you) to take advantage of web3.

Moralis - is a Dapp infra/API solution provider (think AWS or Shopify) - designed to help devs/non devs to focus on innovation vs wasting time on infrastructure:

  1. Access blockchain data
  2. User auth
  3. Monitoring/alerts for blockchain events
  4. Cross-chain integration
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