What is Moralis and What is Web3?

Please explain as detailed as possible what Moralis does and what web3 is.

Moralis has become one of the most completes ways of programming on Web3 making everything more efficient and less time consuming, preparing developers for the near future of decentralization, this a massive rocket and I wan to be in it.

In the other hand Web3 is the new way of interacting with the internet with web3 any developer can create their own digital asset and expand the possibilities of decentralization by making use of Web3.

Moralis is a layer that helps developers create cross-chain dapps in little to no time, saving both time and money.

To me, in Web2, the user is the product, while in Web3 the user is the client and is able to own digital (and physical) assets. With programming knowledge, in Web3 anyone can create digital assets, platforms and Marketplaces for products and services.

With Moralis’ solid infrastructure, programmers can quickly and cost-effectively design and deploy cross-chain dapps.

I think web3 can be seen as a movement that empowers people to take ownership of the internet. In contrast to web2, web3 allows users to own a portion of the internet. Anyone can now learn to program money, digital exchanges, assets, etc. that can function on the blockchain.