What is Day One?

  1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.
  2. Why is the concept of “day one” important?
  3. Please also give 3 examples where you saw people or organisations fail because they stopped treating every day as “day one”.


Every day is day one!

What do you do on day one? You give your best, you try to prove your worth.

Focus on the client, focus on the result.

Do God’s work, achieve superhuman results!

You can NEVER RELAX. Never believe you can be comfortable, work less, pay less attention, be less careful, not be as vigilant, because if that happens, it is when things will go wrong and soon enough you, and the company as a whole, will become irrelevant.

Each and every day we need to re-earn our trust that we get from our team members. We need to deserve the trust of our team.

I, as the CEO, need to re-earn the trust I receive from my team to confirm I am doing the things that need to be done, the way they need to be done. Create, foster and ensure the highest standards, every day!

Every day, I have to do my best possible work, develop by best possible ideas, processes, work my best possible technology designs, marketing strategies, etc. The market doesn’t care about what we did great yesterday, the market forgets, the market only cares about what we did great today!

If we relax, we become irrelevant.

Blockbuster did something great, one day, long before Netflix came into existence. Nokia did something great, one day, but I don’t remember exactly what Nokia ever did. No one remembers, no one cares about what you did yesterday.

Other companies that suddenly disappeared:

Toys R Us, Compaq, Sears is on the brink.

A “classic” example of a company treating every day as day one: Coca-Cola.

Most organizations don’t have that concept . They relax, they are resting on the floor. They are not pushing every day assets as day one.

That’s where our edge is, that’s where my edge is. In the world!

Apply this to work, life and health, and love life, as my wife Barbara just mentioned!

Thank you Ivan, for contributing to my life skills!

*Concept coined @ Amazon.

Osho philosophy

Reincarnation implies that what you are today determines what you will be again in the next life. Therefore behave! — not tomorrow, but today, because what you do today you are going to pay for in the next life.

Predicts your tomorrow on the basis of what you are today.

1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.
We, as humans, like to put in our best effort on our first day at a job. And it would be best if we regarded every other day as “Day 1.” So, instead of declining, our job performance can only increase exponentially.

2. Why is the concept of “day one” important?
It is crucial because it promotes the growth of the business, the team, and even you personally.

  1. the best of the best
  2. 110%
  3. when our task becomes a routine

In this context “Day One” means to work every day as if your first day- being your personal best and producing your best work. Additionally, this could be carried over into one’s personal life- being your best to have your “best life”, never resting on your laurels.

The “Day One” concept is important in both work and life as a way to maintain relevance, continued success, and pride in work and life.

Failure to apply the concept is more the norm than the exception. This usually takes the form of complacency, hopelessness, or in the subtleness of daily distractions. When it occurs “en masse” in an organization, the organization withers and often dies.

My first example is the US Railroad Business. Essentially a cartel when at its peak, the cartel ignored the technological advances of its day- insisting it was in “the railroad business”. Had the cartel accepted changed, it would have recognized that they were in the “transportation business” instead- creating additional revenue in air and road transport.

My second example is with both Blackberry and Nokia. Applying the same principles of example one- while accepting that iPhone was initially a PDA that made phone calls- shows that their mutual error was relying on “brand” and focusing on being a “phone”.

Last example is Blockbuster. While technology killed the “VHS Store”, Blockbuster could’ve survived had they went in the direction of Netflix or Amazon.

  1. It means to treat every day at work as the first day in regard to energy, attitude, efforts, and attention.
  2. Because having that attitude or implementing it helps a company grow continually and successfully.
  3. I could think of MySpace, Blockbuster, and Vine.
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  1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.
    everyday is day one!
i have to regain my trust everyday! 
we have always a lot to proof! 
we start from scratch everyday! 
  1. Why is the concept of “day one” important?
we have to do our best everyday; to attempt to be successful consistently, bring your best, expect the best of others; be a great team member, good communicator.
  1. Please also give 3 examples where you saw people or organizations fail because they stopped treating every day as “day one”.

terra Luna ; maybe great team and didn’t hear others about death-spiral they forgot about the mission and vision of Luna; and didn’t improve their algorithm stablecoin when it was needed despite the increases of price

  1. The concept of “Day One” lies in constantly giving your top performance to the project, team and the objectives of the company, applicable both to businesses and individuals. First established in Amazon, this mentality helps companies stay relevant by striving to excel as if they were proving their worth during the first day on the market, keeping the businesses on their toes.
  2. The “Day One” mentality is important to adopt to keep agility and relevance of the company to the market. Staying on top of the powerful trends and acting upon them also helps businesses to maintain their competitive advantage by appealing to the target audience.
  • Facebook as a social media continued down the spiral, failing to keep up with the agility of the industry, gradually becoming less relevant.

  • Polaroid failed by not adopting the change in the industry and failing to innovate. The business could not hold only on their ‘historically successful’ product.

  • Motorola failed to implement new developments in communication, such as back-then disruptive 3G, in a user-friendly manner.

1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.

  • Everyday is like day 1, like the day you first started a job. It is the day you push yourself, do your best work everyday, you put the best version of yourself out there, you have a lot to prove, you do super-human result. Treat everyday like its your first day, this goes for us as individuals as well us as an organisation. Each and everyday we need to re-earn our trust as team members and prove ourselves. You are as good as your last at bat.

2. Why is the concept of “day one” important?

  • If we do not treat everyday like day one, then we risk failure, we risk ourselves not performing and ultimately collapsing, as individuals and as a company. We don’t perform, we don’t exist!!!

3. Please also give 3 examples where you saw people or organisations fail because they stopped treating every day as “day one”.

  • Intel - Had a monopoly on CPUs, got complacent and failed to innovate. This led to AMD catching up and surpassing Intel in both price and performance with their Ryzen chipsets. And now Apples M1 ARM processors is doing the same, but also way more energy effecient too.
  • Private Taxis Companies - Didn’t see uber coming, they were in perfect positions to create uber and already had the user base. But they failed to innovate or even try to compete with uber.
  • Radio/Newspaper/TV news - All failed to keep up with social media and were not aware of where attention was going. They all thought the internet and social media was a fad.
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1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.

  • Coined at Amazon
  • On the first day, we try to prove the best.
  • On day 1, we put our best version, a lot to prove and to generate super-human results.

2. Why is the concept of “day one” important?

  • If we enter day2, we start taking things casually.
  • We risk performing and failure.
  • Starting from scratch. No one cares what we did yesterday in the market. But the market focuses on today.

3. Please also give 3 examples where you saw people or organisations fail because they stopped treating every day as “day one”.

  • Chevrolet in Ind
  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • Taxi4Sure
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Answer 1-
Imagine your first day in your new job, you try to do your best. most people have a high passion at starting of an activity (for example going to gym , learning a new skill or …)
but they become less passionate in the future and start procrastinating tasks.
there is not any value in past successes. the value is in keeping it and this can happen by thinking of all days as Day1.
Answer 2-
Because no one matters for our past(success or failures will be forgotten). you must be on top of the market edge and this can be achievable via the D1 concept
if a brand was a giant in the past but it is not today, it can be a good answer:

  • Samsung is beaten by Xiaomi
  • internet explorer beat by chrome
  • TikTok is fading Instagram
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1- Day one means that it’s always day 1 at Moralis, so we give the best everyday and never relax on laurels, starting everyday from scratch.
2- Is important to be great everyday to get along the markets and with same intensity as day 1!
3- Kodak, Compaq and Altavista and much more! As they got relaxed as they were succesful they didn’t realize that market and world was changing because they got confortable on what they had, so they lose the chance to improve on an agile way!

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1.The concept of Day 1 is a mentality of good habits. Perform every day as if it’s your first time performing at an important event/situation.

2. Day 1 is always important because it gives us higher standards for ourselves & company’s work. This atomic habit can only breed the best of outcomes. Becoming complacent is the result of not treating every day as your first. Eventually the company & your occupation/results fail.

1)I’ve seen my parents business fail because of lack of effort after they reached a certain threshold. Result: Quality decreased. Careless decisions made. Blinded by small achievement. Bankrupt.

  1. A hospital got brought a 40y/o male, who seemed to be having a heart attack on the monitor, presenting with obvious chest pain. They didn’t bother asking him his medical history & immediately applied shock pads to his chest. Unnecessarily shocked him 3x & messed up his heart so now he has a pacemaker. He got regular chest pain throughout his life, & had a rare medical condition called dextrocardia. Where your heart is on the right instead of left. Doctor, sued. Hospital sued. Patient extremely dissatisfied.

  2. A supervisor at an airport became increasingly complacent when this particular employee would clock in. That day was a well known audit he should’ve been ready for. Slept inside while should’ve prepared. During the plane arrival, the employee didn’t perform extra duties as they normally would. Employee work ethic was purposely slow, dumping an entire load of stress onto supervisor. During all his madness, everything got loaded, except the notification to the captain of 100lbs of dry ice & 2 animals. Failed audit. Write up. Airline got a hefty fine.

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  1. “Day 1” means bringing my A-game to the organisation and to my team every single day of work. Always putting my best foot forward.
  2. This concept is important because it reminds you to stay sharp and attentive, in order to stay relevant in the world today, you need to constantly provide great services and to do that, you need to treat every day as if it’s your first. When you get comfortable, you become irrelevant.
  3. Here in my home country Kenya, there was a supermarket brand called Tuskys. It was owned by a certain family and the kids were left to manage it. Unfortunately, over time they stopped paying attention to focusing on management and allocation of resources to the company and it only went downhill from there. Most if not all of their branches are now closed.
    Another example is whereby personally I tried to get back to being in shape, when I started, ,y energy was really good but after a few days I stopped having that ‘Day 1’ mentality and therefore I stopped making progress.
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1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.
The concept of ‘day one’ means to keep up the same energy, drive, and focus consistent throughout your entire career. It means to continue to be excited for your role and to continue to strive to be the best.
2. Why is the concept of “day one” important?
The concept of ‘day one’ is important because it keeps you, as an individual or as an organisation, up to par with the services you provide, keeps the standards you hold for yourself high and presents the best version of yourself each and every single day. When an individual or an organisation starts to get comfortable and complacent, the quality of work or services will reflect it, putting competitors at an advantage
3. Please also give 3 examples where you saw people or organisations fail because they stopped treating every day as “day one”
A very well known and well established school I once worked for, owned by a well-known family, handed down the ownership of the school to their only son. The school, which once held the highest standards in the country, for all of it teachers, staff, and students no longer put forth the same effort or training to maintain the quality of its team or its students. The values of the school became less about quality and more about profit. After the first year with its new owner, the school immediately lost nearly 40% of its students and almost ALL of its most professional and experienced teachers (!!)

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Day One Concept - When you show up to day one at anything, you are going to try and do your absolute best. Whether that means taking extra initiative, being more receptive and open to new ideas, or just putting your best foot forward and working hard.

This concept is invaluable to an organization because it ensures the continuous momentum in the right direction. Those that start slacking will almost definitely die off or fail miserably over the long run. When you have everyone doing their best at all times it serves as a form of accountability and motivation for everyone to continue doing so, it is a system of checks and balances so to speak.

Three examples I can think of in the business world would be
Barnes & Noble
McAfee Antivirus

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  1. On the first day we always show our best and prove to everyone that we deserve to be here
  2. usually day 2-5 when its orientation things slow down and we don’t really show our best anymore. if we keep the day 1 mindset then we will always perform at 110 %
  3. Myspace, Vine, Internet Explorer
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  1. Operating every day as if it’s your 1st day on the job - when you’re on high alert, motivated, hunger, everything is at stake.

  2. Everyone falls to their highest level of effort no matter what you’ve achieved before. If you get comfortable someone will take your place. It’s survival of the fittest.

  3. The Roman Empire, Radio Shack, and romantic relationships

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  1. Please explain what the concept of “day one” means.
    When you start working for a new company, on your first day, you want to prove yourself. We do superhuman results because it’s our first day. Therefore every day should be the day one. Each and every day we need to re-earn our trust that we get from our team members.

  2. Why is the concept of “day one” important?
    We can never relax. Because if we come to day 2, then the decision-making is slower, we have a more complex organisation and we take it as an excuse not to be agile. This can never happen. It has to be always day 1. We all starting from scratch. Nobody care what we did yesterday in regards to the market.

  3. Please also give 3 examples where you saw people or organisations fail because they stopped treating every day as “day one”.
    Myspace, Blackberry, Yahoo

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