Using DAO for real estate

since a couple of weeks I have this idea of buying a property with some people.
After reading some things about DAOs I thought this might be something interesting to explore together with buying a property.
I might be completely off with this idea and still try to understand it better, but I thought I explore it a bit more.
Some questions maybe someone has an answer to:

1.Is there something already, where people came together to buy property? Would be interesting to read about what they did or how it turned out. I know in nft there is for example

2.Would it be possible to lock the token of the participants and only allow them to sell their tokens when everybody votes yes for it? (I assume yes if it is written in the smart contract?)

3.Would using be useful for something like this?

  1. should this be a centralized smart contract instead of a decentralized one?..if that is even possible.

  2. If anyone has any more useful information about this, would be highly appreciated!

The questions might be all over the place, like mentioned, still trying to wrap my head around it.


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Hi Stephan, I’m a real estate investor in Canada and just learned of DAO. Great question. I really like the idea of leveraging a DAO to help more people get into real estate. I’d be happy to connect and discuss how we can learn more. Marco

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Hi Marco,
There was a Video from Boxmining that I saw, where he features this website:

They basically offer you can tokenize a real estate, which looks very interesting. I dont know if you would have voting rights like in a DAO but you could buy fractions of property.
From what I can see they did one in Bali and plan a crowd funding platform.
Wondering how this can be handled legally….I assume someone has to be written down as owner?!

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what did you do at the end? I want to create a real estate DAO to buy real estate around the world. give tokens in exchange of funds, token =right to use to the property aka stay. My intention is to buy a network of properties for digital nomads/remote workers. let’s connect to work on it

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Hi guys i am interesting on the idea and i would like to connect with you to see how we can growth those ideas in a project and bring it to reality . get in touch as soon you can thanks

Hey Nat,

I think I can help. Shoot me an email and we can chat more. I have a team of devs and I’m also interested in how this can be achieved legally. ETH NFTs/DAOs is the way to go.

what’s your email? (it’s not in the profile section)

I don’t trust anybody on the internet before showing me the actual numbers and accurate results.

Suppose you are thinking about buying the property in tokens. Why don’t you think about investing in an honest company or just taking a property mortgage, or refinancing a property contract with an authorized company? Take your time and read this article about the proper way to process the rental property scheme. Have a great day, gents! I hope you all will invest in the excellent business.

Hey, I happened to come across your brief discussion, also interested in possibly participating... are you still working on the topic? Regards, Julien

Hello! If anyone is still interested in this send me an email @ [email protected] - I have some ideas

On the contrary, I wouldn’t say I liked the idea when our real estate agent suggested it. I thought I didn’t want more complicated manipulation than just selling our house, especially since I didn’t want to sell the house to get more money from it than it’s worth. I just needed the money to buy a property at to move my family in. I really wanted to do it quickly because it would have delayed our move and my job. I don’t think the bosses would have been thrilled that I was delayed a few weeks, especially since my job allowed me to buy my current house.

Hi, I’m about 52 years old. I often changed my place of residence and bought different houses, so I know a thing or two about real estate. When you buy real estate, you should ask your lawyer or real estate agent the questions you have. If you want to buy real estate, it’s best to trust only yourself and no one else (aside from specialists). You can use the services of a real estate agent (say, I recently used the services of RealtySouth after I saw their options on, and they will offer you some options, but it’s you who’ll be making a decision.

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We are already working on few properties to create tokens. The way we are going about it is to create each property into a different token. would love to talk to other like minded people …

Love learning about how others are creating DAO’s around real estate. Curious to ask about tokenizing each individual property, what’s the goal/strategy in this method? Does this limit the liability?

I recently thought about this idea and found a team that is already working on something similar. But would like to discuss. Let’s have some discussion in this Telegram group I created for this purpose:

Hi everyone,

A very interesting topic and I was thinking about using a DAO to organize the renting / co-ownership of a vacation place I have in Portugal.

These guys are working on the same concept but I just wanted to see the potential for my own property.

Also, this is a fascinating (although a bit technical) article on the topic:

@Nat_Serrano - did you get any further with your idea/concept?

The real estate business is one of the most reliable and profitable, which is why I started doing it about five years ago. I worked with the well-known principle of BRRRR Biggerpockets

This method helped me to establish my capital and I continued to develop in this industry and gain strength. I’ve heard about the DAO for real estate, it’s a great way to attract new partners or investors. Unfortunately, I like to work alone and I don’t have to split the money with others, but if you want to attract relatives or friends that you really trust in the real estate business, then DAO will be a great start. I wish you good luck in your development and success in business.

Yes, in fact, DAO is an excellent development for anyone who plans to break into the real estate industry. By the way, I have been engaged in real estate for a long time, but I learned about such a thing as home staging quite recently. Have you heard anything about it? To put it as simply as possible, homesteading is the preparation of a real estate object for sale or for rent. Someone calls it a separate direction in interior design, someone just a marketing tool. Well, for someone, it is something more akin to art or science. Judging by the whole, this is just a great way to sell your house at a higher price. Try to use this service at