Using DAO for real estate

I thought about buying real estate over a year ago. I thought about buying a property over a year ago, but until recently, I didn’t know how this transaction takes place from the point of view of the law. Real Estate Litigation specialists assisted me in every step in purchasing a property, from the initial negotiation and drafting of the paperwork to the appraisal and resolution of title issues and other issues on the way to closing the deal. Then I realized that the most important thing is to find the best specialist. Then any transaction will be successful for you and your partners.

I really like the idea of leveraging a DAO to help more people get into real estate.

I believe there’s decent amount of platforms already doing this as we speak… The issue I see with this is the feature of KYC… I believe the industry will be fruitful once crypto wallet platform integrate the KYC feature so I makes easier to have users verified. Real Estate is not just a gamification industry as we can see has been the case in the NFT / DAO platforms.

DAOs are being increasingly utilized to attract new investors under a flexible corporate structure, notably in real estate.

In general, you can invest in real estate in two ways: by purchasing the property yourself or by buying shares of a company that owns properties. If you choose option one, you’ll need to have enough cash on hand and be ready for some hard work. The second option is easier because all you need is money and a broker who can help you find suitable properties and negotiate terms with sellers once they agree on a price (although some research will still be required). Anyway, I chose option three: investing in a quadplex building. It’s a safer and innovative method that can bring you a lot of profit.

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Buying a property together using a DAO sounds like a cool idea! I’m not sure about specific examples, but I’ve heard about projects like Flamingo DAO in the NFT space. You might find some interesting insights there. As for locking tokens, it’s possible to implement that in the smart contract, ensuring everyone’s on board before selling. Aragon could be helpful for managing the DAO, but it’s worth considering whether a centralized or decentralized smart contract fits your needs better. By the way, while browsing online, I came across De Costa Group for international real estate investment at If you have an interest in real estate, it may be beneficial to take a look at this.

Exploring the potential of using DAOs for real estate is a fascinating idea! :star2: While it’s still a relatively new concept, there’s growing interest in collective property ownership through blockchain technology.

You might find examples like Flamingo DAO insightful for understanding how people come together to buy property collectively. Learning from their experiences could provide valuable insights for your venture.
If you’re interested in exploring sustainable real estate practices alongside your venture, offers valuable insights into eco-friendly property solutions.