ERC20Mintable: Job opportunity on ethereum project

I’m creating 2 threads with questions to this community about an ERC20Mintable project:
Do you know any good examples of ERC20Mintable code? Please share.

Short introduction: I am a programmer with 10 years experience in PHP and C#. I started subscribing to this academy 2 years ago because I want to become more my own boss and being self reliant in the field of blockchain development. Unfortunately due to some personal misfortunes I haven’t been able to do much with it since I started but now I’m picking it back up.

I got in touch with a starting company who are looking into funding their company by crowdfunding and/or creating a token on the ethereum chain.

Functionalities wanted in contract:
Owner: maximum 5, new owner can be or created (or deleted) by existing owners by minimum 3 agreeing to it
Initial tokens: 100 million (with 18 decimals), 70% up for sale. 30% for employees.
Mint: new tokens can be minted by 3 owners agreeing to it (so 1 owner creates extra tokens, 2 have to agree before they get created). To be used later on, the initial tokens sale should cover the first projects.

Most of it is basic ERC20 coding, but my experience in programming taught me that it is always better to look into existing code first. Sometimes you encounter better coding, sometimes you find extra functionalities that improve your work.
The “ethereum smart contract programming 201” course is nice but I think it needs some updating since I don’t see much about ERC20Mintable in there (maybe I missed it, am looking through it again).

So my question is if you know good examples of ERC20Mintable code. It can be your own code or someone else’s you found on github

Any help is greatly appreciated, but also I am willing to share any tokens or ethereum I may get as payment. Working with a team may improve chances of getting contracts, so let me know also if you would be willing to participate.

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