ERC20Mintable: How to get token sales?

I’m creating 2 threads with questions to this community about an ERC20Mintable project:
other thread is: ERC20Mintable: Job opportunity on ethereum project

Now how to get token sales?

I got in touch with a starting company who are looking into funding their company by crowdfunding and/or creating a token on the ethereum chain.

A valid question this company is asking me is : how do we get our tokens sold?
Suppose you create a smart contract with an initial 100 million tokens and they want to sell 70% to fund their company then you still need to get them sold.

I have been looking through the courses on this academy but haven’t found any information on how to get your token noticed or which exchanges are good/fine. Maybe I’m overlooking the right course so any help finding the right course is appreciated.
Ofcourse a new company creates a website about their goals, but to get token sales you need to reach the crypto market.

Does anyone have experience with a token sale and willing to share their wisdom?
Is it enough to put new tokens on an exchange or are there any websites, chatrooms,… where you can advertise the introduction of a new token?

Any help is greatly appreciated, but also I am willing to share any tokens or ethereum I may get as payment. Working with a team may improve chances of getting contracts, so if you have usefull information to contribute and would like to participate in the future, let me know.