Course Overview - Assignment

  1. Share your thoughts on what DeFi is in this topic.
  2. Write down your goals of what you want to get out of this course.

1. Share your thoughts on what DeFi is in this topic.

DeFi term stand for “Decentralized Finance”, which can be described as a entire financial infrastructure that exists in a blockchain (like ethereum, solana, polygon…), this infrastructure contains multiple protocols (smart contracts like uniswap, aave) that can be used as services (like lending, borrow, insurance, yield farming…) to let you invest with your funds through them to achieve an economic reward (positive APY, participation incentives, loyalties…).

All this DeFi features inherit the goals of decentralization: transparent, public, permissionless, trustless, high availability.

2. Write down your goals of what you want to get out of this course.

  • independence and economic sovereignty
  • knowledge of the industry to being able to research, analyze and make a plan of action by my own.
  • the proper tools that the industry offers to design a safe strategy.
  • PROFITS BRO :rocket:

Carlos Z

  1. Share your thoughts on what DeFi is in this topic.
    I think DeFi is a way to kick out the middle man of ownership in an exchange or other financial resource to allow for more stability and transparency. It cuts out the issue of an owning organization or individual changing fundamental components or making changes that benefit themselves but not the user (ie. rug pulls, added fees, sketchy backend stuff).
  2. Write down your goals of what you want to get out of this course.
    I want to gain more confidence in using and benefitting from DeFi. Right now I’m a bit scared of it since it isn’t as user friendly as some of the centralized exchanges available to me in the US.

DeFi (decentralized finance) is the blockchain equivalent of the current financial system but is not centralized as is the current system> it allows individuals to there own banking and and financial activities. It provides the infrastructure to borrow lend and invest. It also gives financial sovereignty to the user. complete control over ones finances. it is transparent, trustless, permissionless, and can provide banking for the unbankable…

goals are financial independence, Knowledge of the Defi industry


What is défi?
Decentralized finance, it’s a new system of keeping, securing contracts through trustless blockchains and much more tradition financial systems. My favorite thing about it is that governments around the world don’t get to dictate the value the people finally take control of markets.
My goals with défi 101
Getting me one step closer to financial liberty

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:one: Defi democratizes financial services. Having permission-less systems where settlement happens almost instantly - without sucking middleman d***, and retaining custody of your assets… chefs kiss :ok_hand:

New paradigms such as flash loans and yield farming almost mean that you can extend beyond simply democratizing legacy financial systems. You can now do things that have never been done before.

Imagine telling someone 10 years ago that you wanted to build something that would provide utility to liquidity tokens :no_mouth: Or do a vampire attack on a dex…
These things were unheard of, even 2 years ago - and now it’s just the norm.

I love it. :heart:

:two: As someone who’s been balls deep in Defi since hearing about it at the beginning of this year (2021), I’ve seen alot, and been scammed alot - yet are more excited than ever to be part of the ecosystem.

In saying this, I’ve spent the best part of the last 6 months focusing solely on becoming a better programmer, so I lost the momentum I had in the first 6 months of the year learning new Defi products.

I know alot has happened that I’ve missed, but haven’t explored because I’ve been too busy. So I hope this course will shed some light on some of the fresh ideas and protocols that will take us into the new year.

I’ve been sitting on a number of ideas on how to manipulate certain aspects of the defi primitives, such as the existing maths behind them. After sitting on the game theory for several months, it sometimes needs several months of pondering to come up with a better solution to give something an interesting property.

In the new year, I will be bringing these ideas to fruition, and I’m hoping this course will give me some additional perspectives. :sunglasses:

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1 DeFi is the marrying of decentralized blockchain technology with classic financial concepts (loans, bonds, investing, interest rates, etc.). It allows individuals to have more control over their own finances and provides more tools to help them grow their wealth.

2 In this course I hope to gain a better understanding of staking, liquidity mining, and DeFi loans

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DeFi is independant actors/people managing their financial needs without the use of intermediaries, or middle-men, typically a bank. Using well programmed machines to provide the functions of a bank, people can transact directly with one another to either borrow money, earn, mitigate risk, or a variety of financial products. The discipline of finance is essentially the process and cost of shifting risk from one group to another… thus conducting transactions directly is faster, cheaper, and more efficient IF executed correctly.


  • gain a deeper understanding for how it all works together
  • learn about where the gaps and pitfalls are --> cutting out the middlemen is fantastic, but how to ensure the machine is not executing a human error?
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add1) DeFi are the blockchain based stack of protocols and DApps enabling us to rebuild the financial market products & services fully open, trust-less, permissionless, inmutable, transparent, privacy protected, secured by cryptography.

add 2) My goal is to get a good understanding of the technology stacks capabilities and opportunities generated as well that I can really work with these technologies hands-on and get comfortable using the technology in an conscious manner understanding what i am doing when I take part in a liquidity pool for example, use a DEX or lending and borrowing or any smart contract based transaction. Also I want to learn about the tools for the verification of transactions and the limitations of them.

Finally this shall be the start of a learning journey so that I can work with teams to contribute to the DeFi space by educating, consulting and building innovative products serving the overall objective to enable people to manage and protect their earnings and wealth from ill guided state authorities and custodians. In addition I think it is a must in 2021 that we drive for inclusion of the “unbanked” to take part of in a global and fair manner in the world economy and reduce poverty.

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  1. DeFi or Decentralized Finance is pretty much a better way to do Finance, possible through the blockchain. All characteristics of the blockchain are inherited: immutability, security, transparency… It is a way to manage one’s financial assets which is not led by traditional financial institutions, like banks. It allows one to be solely in charge of their money and have full control over fees and risks that they are willing to take with their assets.

  2. My goals with this course is to understand the whole infrastructure better, the tech behind it, and be able to eventually make my own knowledge-based opinion about different DeFi protocols. I have had some exposure to farming etc, but mostly followed blindly what my boyfriend advised until now… Longer term goal, linking this with learning programming, I hope to eventually be able to work fully in the space :slightly_smiling_face:

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1.- DeFi is more than just a high risk - high reward ecosystem. It’s turning financials as we know it totally upside down, proving that people, removing middlemen or institutions. Traditional finance proved to be a game for the few that knows how to play it and the rules of it; DeFi comes into play to finish this. DeFi is virgin territory where no limits exist!

2.- As a DeFi investor (mainly on the BSC trough PancakeSwap and several protocols from this blockchain) my goal is to thoroughly understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Ultimately, my final goal is to give to the DeFi ecosystem by developing something myself!

  1. A way to manage money without a centralized system or a single entity having control over it.

  2. Learn about the dangers of defi, and how to safely invest in it.

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  1. DeFi is an open-source, permissionless, and transparent ecosystem that provides financial services, which aren’t controlled by a single (central) authority.

  2. The foundation of DeFi so I’ve a better understanding of what it is and how I can further contribute to its adoption and utility.

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  1. Defi to me is the ability to participate in financial transactions without the involvement of a centralized 3rd party. This allows the user to have complete financial sovereignty of their wealth and able to participate in opportunities that were traditionally only available to the wealthy.
  2. I would like to gain a better understanding of the risks and opportunities that this space offers.
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Defi is a space which is not controlled by a central authority. Where anybody can invest no matter where you come from and how much you want to invest.
Defi is giving the power back to the people. It is freedom, being able to control your own money without the middle man.

My goal is to be part of the blockchain revolution , I don’t want to stand on the sidelines. I want to be in the arena building and working towards financial freedom.


1. Share your thoughts on what DeFi is in this topic.
DeFi stands for decentralized finance and is a new way of banking and investing without having to rely on a third party. In DeFi, there are NO boundaries, NO discrimination, NO trust. You have the ability to be in control of your financial holdings, as long as you hold the keys to your wallets. This eliminates the need for traditional banks, which do whatever they wish with your money without telling you.

2. Write down your goals of what you want to get out of this course.
I already took the previous DeFi 101 course, however the DeFi space has been moving fast. I’m looking to stay up to date with the current technology and further deepen my knowledge of the industry. I aim to become a smart contract developer, and hopefully this course can help me build the foundation of my pyramid :slight_smile:

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DeFi, or Decentralized Finance is a way of removing barriers to wealth for the common man. through blockchain innovations. My goal is to work on a DAO project.

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  1. DeFi, stands for “decentralised finances”, which basically means, to remove the control pad from the private- individual, group, cooperation, bank etc., and hand it back to the public.
    I guess that’s as far as I would go to save myself from the vast ocean of speculative knowledge. I understand it plays a big role in crypto and blockchain technology.

  2. My goals are…
    to be able to understand and apply what Josh intents to teach us in this course about DeFi, as he mentioned toward the end of the Video (not gonna quote his whole answer, but I’m gonna write it down and keep track to check, if I’m learning those and if I’m able to explain it to someone else afterwards with confidence & clarity).
    to broaden my knowledge and perspectives.
    to increase my competence in the crypto world.
    to get more specific in debt knowledge.

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  • DeFi is decentralized finance utilizing Web 3.0

  • Keep up to date with new course, refresh, learn and teach a few things

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  1. I think Defi is the the digitalization of financial services where not just one corporation, government, person, or entity has say on how things work. It is another world for anyone no matter who you are to store, transfer, and generate wealth.
  2. My goal is to learn the basics and be able to reduce the mistakes I’ll make when I wander around in an immense space of various projects. Most importantly to protect myself and work within a project with the knowledge Moralis Academy provides.
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