Assignment - Jobs To Be Done

  • Map out your customers’ journey. Focus on describing every activity of your customer in detail.

Feel free to use this customers’ journey template when doing the assignment:
(You can duplicate it after registering for free on Figma and going to the main menu. In the Figma lecture, you can learn more about Figma.)


Buyer Persona
Our ideal customer is middle-class higher educated city family members actively thinking about their finance, freedom, and retirement.

Age: 35-65 I feel like people below 35 often don’t have enough savings to greatly benefit from investing and instead focus on consumption.

Gender: All

Location: Cities, the richer the city, the better.

Job Profile:
Medium level corporate employees
Small/medium-sized entrepreneurs
Top 20% of income makers in the region

Daily Activities:
Reading/watching news.
Learning how to improve themselves or their businesses by taking different kinds of courses.
Spending time with family and taking care of kids.

Customers’ Journey

Articles that helped get through this exercise:


Sorry. This is also asking for confidential company secrets. I would rather not get the certificate than leak out this information.

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Most details here need to be reserved. Involves existingly operational partners with some first-to-market innovations to be enabled through partnerships, BAAS solutions, and unique proprietary tech/IP.

Please see my answers to the BCM and RICHES questions. There is a huge existing service/product stack & through partnership integrations already being discussed certain new features will be added (before competitors can react / imitate). I can hint using some of the following details:

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Looks like an amazing concept! :smile: :clap:


Thanks a lot buddy, Actually I have recently finished the white paper and we are launching the first phase on 15th January.


keeping these tools for reference as i progress through the academy and explore options = thanks n good luck in your projects, to 1n’all

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Great framework. I’m a huge fan. Thanks.

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Map out your customers’ journey. Focus on describing every activity of your customer in detail. I’d love to but yet again. This is the wrong forum for sharing confidential information and it is subject to NDA. I might be stupid but please tell me why you are repeatedly asking for free confidential information without any incentives whatsoever. It is a great concept for Ivan on Tech to develop its own business at very low cost. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clap: Please stop asking for free information. You seem to forget that we are actually paying for this. and in my opinion and based on my humble experience. It is very cheeky and I am not impressed at all. :innocent: the figma tool is very useful, thanks for sharing. :+1:

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Discovery - customer just heard about on-chain games/sports/betting/gambling, saw an add after having installed meta mask, spent time searching passive income/cryptocurrencies.

Research - customer likes the idea of online sports betting, searches all types, inevitably finds horse racing, dips toes in, finds it fun but very hard to catch the entry into free races, if only it were automated…

Purchase - finding a subscription based bot service to automate the experience of in order to maximize profits the customer is elated, information provided to customer about average monthly rate of return vs. monthly subscription rate and finds the deal to be a no brainer.

Delivery - Delivery is instant, instructions are emailed directly to customer with appropriate links/verifications provided.

After Sales - subscribed users get priority services, 18 hour per day live chat/email correspondence, data aggregation services including rations/%'s ROI, win/loss/breed/track, an avalanche of information. Incentives provided in the form of discounts and free use days for continued subscriptions.




  • User Stories Map (USM): Through user media, promotional news on selected channels, presenters.
  • Touchpoints (TP): mobile/desktop
  • Hilights & Pain Points (HPP): accessible but need to convey complex message in simple manner and quick manner
  • Improvements (IMP): easy access to more tailored product once seems complicated with a full analysis

Research, Purchase, Delivery, After Sales - shall be written for the team

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Customer hears about application through social media, financial news services, financial institutions, as well as merchants. He/she is expected to have various accounts with different financial institutions and/or crypto exchanges, and the idea of having access to all data in one application has a good deal of appeal, as does the ability to integrate and analyze that data.

As this application is B2C, the customer fulfils the roles of job executor, product lifecycle support team and buyer.


The potential user would be expected to explore the many uses of the application and the ease with which it can provide useful information about financial activities.


The potential user is offered a free trial period of use and a number of different purchase plans that can be chosen after that. These purchase plans would be offered at several levels ranging from basic, which would be quite inexpensive, for a user with modest needs, up to a level that is more expensive (although not very expensive) for those with more complicated financial situations who may need more complex data analysis.


Delivery is online, is designed to be easy, and is undertaken with emailed instructions for user onboarding.


Users are provided with on demand access to information tools for analyzing their data.

Most of the help required by users would be adequately addressed by self service and automated services, but personalized help would be available by chat or phone 24/7.

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  1. Customer Support
    I’ve tried to map my customers’ journey writing it down on a piece of paper using the suggested template. I understand this is a complex process. I’ve read the articles Adam shared too & were helpful.
    From both trying to find every crucial activity on the customers’ journey & also from following some projects on Telegram, I understand most crucial is customer support, the ability to address concerns the customer has & answer their questions in a way that we ‘clear’ their doubts & uncertainties.
    Projects fail if they fail to listen & answer to their customers. As customers invest in people, bussinesses must understand their feedback, building HCI is their priority.
    Present in all the activities, from discovery, research, purchase, delivery & after sales.
    The latter to keep customers in investing in our product is development of product & incentivation through different programmes.
    Mostly mobile, desktop, through Telegram, could be email also or phone calls if specifically needed.

  2. Marketing
    Of course marketing is important to establish channels where we can reach the interested public. For my idea, of an app, where starting with every bill/ transaction you pay, you try to save an additional amount, starting with $ 1 per bill, I would try to reach customers:

  • through satisfied customers in later phases,
  • advertise on websites that focus on learning & educating about investment & new technologies (e.g. DeFi)
  • advertise on the bank website when they pay bills
  • advertise on grocery bills
  1. Regular team meeting with all employees from developers to customer support to project leaders to pass the experience of customers to developers & vice versa, proving crucial information of the product from developers to support, marketing with the leadership of the responsible leader/s of the project.

Discovery - Customer heard about NFTs from other artists in the same community via word-of-mouth and want to utilize this new tech to build wealth.

Research - Customers like the idea of being able to sell their NFTs to not just the local community, but anybody else interested world wide. This would allow artists to sell their artwork at much higher prices than compared to being limited to their local community in Japan.

Purchase - taking fee for each purchase as well as 1-time artist support during registration and helping them get their collection digitized.

Delivery - this would utilize a public blockchain like BSC, ETH, maybe even solana or Cardano for instant delivery of cocnerning product/NFT.

After Sales - Artist will receive a report after sales duration has expired and receive a thorough follow up for future collection sales. Customers will receive an automatic follow up email in 48 hours to receive feedback for their purchase exeriences so further optimization can be executed for future sales.

Discovery: customers need credit for liquidity reasons to keep running its business.
Research: customer needs to have a good business in order to generate receivables to pay us back our loan. Having a short term liquidity issue but long term good business type of client.
Purchase: Having a accesible website for the client to upload documentation to request the loan.
Delivery: Having a team to quickly respond to the client to their request and study the risk of the client.
After sale: Contact the client to ask for their experience of the process to find areas of improvement.

Will keep for future reference…thanks

I’m not in the position to develop my idea any further now, but I will consider the great learnings for the future. Thanks a lot.