Assignment 1: Pitch Blockchain to your CEO

After watching the last episodes, think of a use case in business where blockchain is well needed.

Write a small memo for the director of innovation where you are trying to convince him to look into blockchain. (One page)

  1. Talk about the money and focus on bottom line
  2. Have links, do more research to support your claims about profit increase
  3. Spend time and do the assignment carefully

After studying the business model that you are presently using I see a need to capture the assets of the industry in a way that would preempt the value, depreciation and the time to then allow in the budget for future purchases of equipment and other assets that need to be replaced, overhauled, re-conditioned, The benefits for the industry are more accountability, pro-active in keeping all assets in a safe and working order, less chance of injuries and consequently lessen the chance of workers compensation claims through negligence, just to name a few of the advantages.
This can all be executed on the block chain that will give you immutable data that will also be controlled by the right people to exercise the smart contracts that the asset management will be written on.
The other advantage is that this can also be integrated with the software that the industry is already using, which will give management some peace of mind.
I can organize all this to happen and you be sure that this will give you cutting edge data, security, transparency and will be cutting edge ahead of everyone else in our field.
I look forward to taking this asset management plan to the next stage.


Possible advantages of public blockchain:

Use it when communicating or creating agreements between companies / legal entities. Probably not necessary to use it for internal integrations.

  • Privacy
    • No trusted 3rd party that you provide all of your sensitive commercial information.
    • While keeping no indication to the outside word that there was an interaction or who the interactions were between
  • Possible to set up permissions and groups as we have already
  • Automated auditability of agreements
    • possible to use zero knowledge proofs to audit some aspects while keeping details private
    • Tamper proof data / Non repudiation of agreements due to immutable blockchain infrastructure
    • Authoritative commercial document versioning
  • No set up/maintenance of underlying robust blockchain infrastructure
    • Extremely high availability (uptime)
    • On-chain data is stored forever without us doing anything
    • If there is a requirement to be able to delete certain data it can be stored off chain and just referenced on chain
    • A public blockchain is run by distributed network of computers incentivised to keep it running
    • Pay as you go (just pay transaction fees)
    • The integration fabric (the blockchain) is not owned by us and we don’t have to set it up (although we have to set up supporting systems and configure our usage of it)
  • Low barriers to onboarding supplier / channel business partners e.g. in RFP
  • Flexible and visual workflow designers
    • Use of tokenised assets as part of workflows
  • SAP, edifact integration via Unibright
  • Possibility to extract data about interactions for analytics
  • Supply chain integrity
    • Immutable on chain data which can be updated from every company or entity in the chain of custody
  1. protection against spam incoming to company emails. Blockchain can protect us from leaks to the outside.

  2. data management. Our product must fulfill specific requirements from customer that we are unable to do, while the third party of the laboratory is able to help us fulfill the standards but does not have the information needed to estimate the offer. We have an agreement to estimate an offer for customer which we included for a limited time on chain. We exchange necessary information with laboratory off-chain, the laboratory can be verified by the customer and access to shared information can be agreed with the customer, on chain.


Hello everyone, this would be my memo to the CEO to pitch about the blockchain.

Date: 6th Oct 2020
To: Mark, CEO, Innovation Dept.
From: Neeraj, R&D.
Subject: Blockchain use case update

As our company continues to grow in supply chain and logistics, I feel it is necessary to minimize the discrepancies of this industry and reduce the losses to a huge extent by integrating the blockchain technology in our current operations.

I understand the core pillars of the industry - Privacy, Permission and Performance. I want to inform you about the advantages of using blockchain to improve performance without compromising the privacy of our data.

I strongly encourage you for a meeting at the earliest to have a thorough understanding of the technology and future roadmap.

Looking forward to the meeting.


Dear, Bruce,

It has come to my attention that your company is due for an upscale in the technology it is using - specifically within the privacy, permissions and performance fields - primarily, to obtain an edge over the fierce, ever-growing competitors of your industry. With the advancement of current day computer science, a highly innovative field, Blockchain, has sprung onto the scene, providing cutting-edge, never before seen cost-efficient solutions towards, but not limited to, performance of heavy transaction loads, scalability issues, easement of party privacy management, traceability of past transactions, tamper proof data solutions, and automation.

Blockchain technology is amounting to the next leap in humanity’s advancement, providing an opportunity to accelerate overall performance with a significant nose dive in expense requirements. If you are wanting to have the biggest unfair advantage to date over your competition, Blockchain technology can & will.

I hope you consider this lifetime opportunity. Have a wonderful day.

Kind regards,


Blockchain would majorly upgrade our receiving process and data with our vendors . All our contracts will be completely private with only our two parties able to access our agreements .We can also restrict access to that data . There would be no possible tampering with any data or agreements made between our two parties . Data such as pricing will be locked and secured with time stamps . Also regarding anything delivered to our store all products will be verified as delivered with no possible variance . All products can be tracked from supplier to the final delivery . The system will run fast and clean without possibility of any human manipulation .


DATE: 7/10/2020

Presenting an important business use case addition to the company’s business intelligence model.

This memo outlines the benefit of connecting the company’s IT-system to the blockchain on transforming markets.

Our industry is going to undergo a major transformation, which has already begun. As with the internet revoultion, blockchain will most certainly be part of our daily lives. The company should therefore seize the oppurtunity to position itself in the upcoming trend early and secure its competitive edge in an economy that changes at a furious pace.

In the months and years to come it will be crucial and vital to us as a company to be able to:

  • Store agreements on the blockchain

  • Tokenize our assets

  • Build DeFi apps that work on tokenized assets

At present, the company’s IT-systems are off-chain.

To keep up with client needs, adapt to a market in transition and for continued growth, the key is to continually re-orient our business models.

I highly recommend that we investigate integration and connectors for combining our off-chain systems with blockchain solutions asap.


Dear CTO/CEO of Ericsson

It will not be news to you that in many ways the internet and public telecom network are broken and need to be replaced by solutions better adapted to addressing privacy, permission and performance.

What I think may come as a shock is the amount of progress that has been made on network layer solutions being created from outside the industry - from within the consensus and blockchain movement. I am aware of at least one such network solution on the market now that has taken ten years to build and had its genesis and early funding in DARPA. There are other innovative projects at this layer too. The technology is highly disruptive as it can start as an internet overlay and later substitute parts of the internet once backhaul is added and it can creates substitutes for fixed internet, MPLS, 5G and private wireless networks at a fraction of the cost, often with higher performance and with much greater privacy.

These network projects are not loners , almost certain to fail, in the way that some of the early privacy movement projects around identity projects were fifteen years ago. Rather, they are leveraging the emerging blockchain ecosystem in which full stack open source architectures like Unibright are being built (and being used by companies like Coca cola) and where every day, new alliances, new interoperability initiatives are being announced and where a massive talent pool of global resources (developers, network engineers, systems integrators, application developers, service providers, lawyers and marketers) is growing exponentially and where funding and financing are abundant and will only grow for projects that are underpinned by genuine economic use cases

This new wave of network and full stack rethinking for privacy, permissions and performance threatens the business of the telcos, service providers and the infrastructure providers as much as did the move from fixed traffic to mobile in the last decade and the move from voice to data in the previous decade.

I have been a strategist in the industry since the mid 90s working in-house in Group strategy for one of the biggest and most innovative European Telcos and leading the Telco industry sector in the Uk for a top tier strategy consultancy before going independent.

I would like to meet with you to show you where I see Enterprise blockchain is going overall, why insufficient attention is being paid to the advances at the network layer (as opposed to the hype layer of applications in for example supply chain) and how you could create unfair advantage by embracing some of this technology on your infrastructure strategy and roadmap at very low cost and risk. For a start, there are ways you can leverage it to help telcos compete outside their traditional territories using this technology, perhaps under a different sub brand of you are concerned about the conflict of interest with your biggest current telecom customers.

When would be suitable to arrange a zoom call ?

Kind regards

(real name would be entered for a real letter !)


SUBJECT: Moving the Registry (Medical) to Blockchain

Dear Bauss,

I am writing to you today, on the recommendation to begin the transfer and integration of our registry’s medical records on to a blockchain system. With focus on the 3 pillars; privacy, performance and permission, which are integral components of running a successful registry, I wish to explain some basic but urgent points on why we must seek to adopt a blockchain solution.

  1. Privacy: The registry will be run by us on a decentralised database so we do not require any 3rd party provider for the infrastructure and management of the medical records.
  2. Permission: Each patient’s record will be securely collected and stored on the blockchain with access granted to only those with permission through contract agreements.
  3. Performance: The database server will not be in a single physical location and be in danger of damage or destruction.

These are 3 simple but important arguments to support the case to swiftly move our registry to the blockchain, I can provide you more information on the next board meeting and explain to our co-workers and management the process on which this can be done.

Best regards,


To CEO of Nestle

Why We Should Adopt Blockchain Into Our Business?

First of all, what is Blockchain?

In short, Blockchain is a public ledger whereby every transactions can be traced and tracked. It is impossible to erase. Think of history written in stone. Everyone on the network have to verify and approve every transaction; transparency.

Allow me to guess some of the questions in your head right now.

-Transparency sounds nice but is it practical?
-What about our company’s private and sensitive data?
-How can Blockchain help our company to make more money?


Quoting Don and Alex Tapscott from their book-Blockchain Revolution. “In the past businesses dress up for success. In today’s era businesses undress to success.”

An example: Our company’s dairy supplies are sourced from many farmers around the world and all farmers will try to make the most profit margin possible. Farmer A claimed their cows are fed top grade organic grains hence their milk cost more than farmer B’s.

In some cases the purchasers trust the words of the farmer. A more careful purchaser will maybe ask for some proves ( eg: Invoices for proof of purchase, which can easily be fabricated.) However, on a blockchain trust is not needed because every transactions can be trace and track. This bring us to the next question of data privacy.

Privacy & Sensitive Data

-On-chain Zero Knowledge Proofs. Is a method whereby one party (Prover) can prove that a specific statement is true to the other party (Verifier) without disclosing any additional information.

-Off-chain technology to handle computation on hard and software systems.

-Creating private channels so that only selected group of people can have access to selected data.

-Directories of business partners and their blockchain addresses.


Blockchain is fast, scalable and efficient in handling transactions. The key word here is scalability to ensure smooth processing. The various methods includes:

-On chain layer one (sharding)
-On chain layer two (state-channels)
-Off chain layer two (compute)

Sharding allows data to be split into different sections/nodes to be stored separately when they are not required to lessen system’s burden for effeciency,

Layer two solutions do not require changes to the base protocol layer. They are implemented at the app protocol layer.

-There are apps for easy visualization and keeping track off processes with user-friendly interface.

-There are also blockchain solution which allows integration and connectors to combine different off chain system.

Lastly, the most important part of what blockchain can do is its ability to issue tokens and build deFi apps that work on tokenizing assets. Purposes of tokens as follows:

-Fund raising

-Smart Contracts


Thank you.


Hey guys.
I have some more time tomorrow. I see some great posts here already.
The first assignment was purely meant as a memo to your ceo to arouse his or her curiousity.
Some core features of what you can write about are the blockchain needs or the possibilities of smart contracts. Trust is also pretty important.
I’ll respond to some of the memos tomorrow. Hope you liked the course.



The Baseline Protocol is an open source initiative that combines advances in cryptography, messaging, and blockchain to execute secure and private business processes at low cost via the public Ethereum Mainnet. The protocol will enable confidential and complex collaboration between enterprises without leaving any sensitive data on-chain.
Also it will block all the spamming account we have in USA, So please come here and try to take a course


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Love it. Thanks for bringing this opportunity. Class mates reply’s are very inspiring. Thank you all.


Hello guy’s, i just finish zero knowledge proof, it’s was very interesting


Dear Mr. SEO

I am writing to you to address my concern about the recent mug competition at our company. I have observed a suspicious centralization in the quiz performance from some of our employees which makes me believe they might have received their questions in advance.

I would like to propose an elegant solution to you using a newly emerging technology of distributed ledgers. I would propose the quiz answers to next time be encrypted on this public ledger using zero knowledge proofs where then permission is given to an auditor that can validate the data to be correct and not to cheat on the quiz in the next mug competition.

The auditing party can be any party not present in the location of the company and since I’m working remotely I would be willing to make an audit of the quiz in question before the meeting and therefore insuring a fair competition for the main price, the mug.

I am certain my proposal will lead to increased transparency and greater reputation of our company on the world stage all while providing more fair and distributed competition for the mug. Whit this technology we can make great progress forward!

I am willing to discuss future planning of implementing this technology in our fine workplace and am eagerly awaiting your reply.

Best regards, Alko89


Brilliant course on a brilliant protocol! Looking forward to the remaining lectures. Thank you for brining it to the academy!


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Dear CEO,

Yesterday I attended your quarterly results townhall. I sincerely share your concerns about the financial health of our company. I also heard you mention your plans to commercialize the powerful and new technology called blockchain to restore the profitability of our company. I fully agree with you that this technology could be beneficial for value creation to our company and I would gladly support you on this journey. Let me motivate my ideas in some more detail.

Over the recent decades our company was very successful and has generated a lot of money and return for our shareholders. We managed to do so by making money by destroying value. As a result of this we are now facing global issues like climate change, inequality and loss of biodiversity. Maybe even worse, we are facing negative business results and for the first time ever we were forced to cut dividends.

Our business has been operating amongst our competitors in a commercial environment. Commerce is like a game with money facilitating the game. In a game there are clear winners and losers. We and our competitors continuously try to create unfair advantage to outcompete each other. For that reason we operate in a world of mistrust.

Blockchain is a technology that facilitates in the organization of trust and cooperation. Where people cooperate, there are no winners and losers. Therefore, I want to ask you to reconsider your plans to commercialize blockchain technology. I would like to invite you for a dialogue to find ways to transform our company from a profitable company into a value creating cooperation. I know how blockchain technology can help us to reach this goal, if we manage to organize cooperation and trust in the right way.

Everybody wins when nobody loses!

Kind regards,


Harrie Goutier