Assignment 1: Pitch Blockchain to your CEO

Dear CEO,

As you know we are constantly looking for a better way to handle our business make it more: reliant, faster and secure.

I see great opportunity in this direction, when looking @ blockchain. We have a company with direct interaction with provider and clients and I’m convinced that blockchain can assist and improve these processes.

We can realize improvements in privacy, performance and permission handling in our relationships with our providers and clients.

The Unibright blockchain solution is integrated with SAP processes and opens this new world of improvements to us.

If you can spare an hour of your time I can present to you these opportunities and how this would propel our company into the future of business handling.

Thank you for your Time,



Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the effort to write the assignments. This morning I wanted to help most students out a bit, but saw the first memo’s and decided to make a video, which would be motivational, but also about your big boy pants and give it your best. I had a lot of fun shooting it, and maybe some of you might be a bit insulted, but being in the academy, I assume that big boy pants is not uncommon to you.
Take this message with a grain of salt, and see it as a message that tells you to give it your best.
Enjoy and see this as entertainment.

By the way, of course me and Ivan’s coaches will always help people if they have serious questions. That’s what we are here for.


Haha very tough love from Mr Ruud :heart:

To summarize here is the feedback to everyone:

  1. Talk about the money and focus on bottom line - otherwise CEO will never care about you
  2. Have links, do more research to support your claims about profit increase
  3. Spend time and do the assignment carefully

Of course we are here to help all of you guys and help you to become great at this :star_struck:

Keep going!! :fire:


It depends on what you want!
If you want to enter programming, JS course is perfect for that :sunglasses:

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Great person to follow. John Wolpert.
Interesting talk:


Hi Ruud,

Thanks for your honest and passionate feedback in the video message. I hope it was my letter to the CEO that provoked you. Please be my CEO for this matter.

I can agree with you that showing them how to make money will get you the attention of a CEO. I just don’t agree with you that blockchain is only about making money. Central banks make more money than ever and believe me, not with the help of blockchain. We have a couple of serious issues in the world but shortage of money is not one of them. So why do we need to make more money? What we need is more value! You can call me naïve or idealistic but I still believe that blockchain technology, if applied in the right way, can help to drive value. Do you?




Bravo Ruud,

I did not take this course yet, but you are better than the worst headman that I worked with him/her.

Very good speech and even better advices, techniques which makes you try to wake up!

As you mentioned, there is no place for trust, money and knowledge talks.

Thank you very much for the jewelries spread from your mind, be sure that it would be taken into consideration.

I learned in my life that if I am not useful for myself, I would not be useful for others.

Also, I learned that money is not everything, but it is almost everything!

See you and take care.

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Hi Harry,

Those are great points and I absolutely agree with you about those things. But these are points I would address maybe in a discussion, after I convince him to take this seriously. For me personally “trust and transparency” are going to a huge part of society through blockchain, but this is not necessarily going to catch the attention of a CEO right away. As long as those two things are not the standard in business (which is the reality right now), you are not willing to SPEND money on something new and being some of the first (thus taking a risk with your data and investments) to adopt a new technology. You want to know if there will be a benefit for your company (financially, time etc) by optimizing your business processes.

I believe, like I said, in a few years maybe, trust and transparency will be the norm. But in this time, companies are struggling to get by, and they would be hesitant to at least think about adopting a new technology if this will only cost you money. You show him/her the numbers to make him/her listen.
Hope this helps.
(It was not your letter, I read the posts and had some fun on the video, hoping to get you all fired up to put in extra effort, for maximum benefit.)

For example in your message you talk about the global climate crisis. You might give some numbers on how smart contracts can optimise business processes to make sure containers would not have to wait that long to be shipped. Empty spaces can better be managed, and so much money and energy are wasted by inefficient supply chain processes, and by making this more efficient (think about the example I give with the 1 meter high paper stack being used to ship a container from Singapore to Rotterdam) you would have much less of a carbon footprint and save money.


Thanks for your words :slight_smile:


Ruud said:

how smart contracts can optimise business processes to make sure containers would not have to wait that long to be shipped. Empty spaces can better be managed, and so much money and energy are wasted by inefficient supply chain processes.

This is one of the head cores, but it is about saving money. So what about generating a positive income? i.e. What are the ways of making the smart contracts to generate a positive income?


I think the way to generate a positive income is also to save money on processes that didn’t work efficiently in the past, now work a lot more streamlined. It’s not a public blockchain, but you might look at the results from the IBM Maerks initiative called Tradelens. They work with many big companies on Hyperledger for their supply chain. For public blockchain, watch out for Opschain/Baseline from EY and Coca Cola services from Unibright/Baseline. I talk about these projects in the Baseline Course (towards the end…Use Cases)


This is a great, great, well written post!


Great writing.
Would be even better if you can give some links that show positive results from blockchain usage.


Great that you focused on cost efficiencies. Maybe if you can link some results there, it would even convince him more. Try to find some numbers.
Nice writing.


Dear, Team
It has come to my attention that our company MAFATEX AGENCY is ready for a scale in the technology using today
Based on the privacy, permissions, and performance in order to be one step ahead of our competition in our industry. With the advancement today in Blockchain, MAFATEX can jump into an opportunity by providing faster response, low cost implementation, but not limited to, performance of heavy transaction loads, scalability issues, easement of party privacy management, traceability of past transactions, tamper proof data solutions, and automation.
Blockchain technology is amounting to the next leap in business, providing an opportunity to accelerate performance with a significant low-cost requirement.
So, we have decided to implement the technology block chain to all our process starting with the receiving or orders and cads of styles .

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Thank you very much, much appreciated :pray:t3::heart:


It has to be with the CEO of the company were I work? Is no CEO.

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Love this post Harrie!

Money is the name of the game and we’re all forced to play by its rules, but making money for the sake of making money is not the wisest thing for humanity to strive for, as you rightfully point out.

Have you heard of the PI Network? Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already. It was founded by members of the Stanford Blockchain Collective with the intention of redefining the distribution of wealth. As one of the founders puts it:

“Social movement builder on a mission to democratize how society defines, creates and distributes wealth.” - Vincent McPhillip

To support the movement, simply go to their website at and download the app. It’s free. On the app you then confirm your presence once a day in return for PI’s digital currency. So basically, you’re rewarded for your time, which makes absolute sense, being that time is the most valuable asset we all have, without exception.

Hope to see you there as an ambassador.



Doesn’t matter. It can be a fictional CEO of a fictional company in supply chain. Whatever you feel most comfortable writing about. If you believe in those “law of attraction” theories, you might even create a ripple effect in your own reality :wink:


Memo : All mainstream Art Galleries are empty while Blockchain deployed art galleries like Makers place, opensea ,and super rare are having unprecedented growth .

All time hgh record broke yesterday $90,000 for a domain

There is a cultural shift and it is epic; we need to go there.

Blockchain offers the coveted Provenance due to the proof of stake meaning Undeniably “not a reproduction counterfeit copy”

Something you cannot get with mainstream, plus secure and hosted for the next 8000 years. features you simply cannot find in the mainstream

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