Activity Lesson 2

Propose a change you could make to one of your habits, that would reduce your time preference from high (instant gratification) to low (delayed gratification) time preference. It could relate to any aspect of your life (financial, diet, exercise, relationships or education).


I could go to bed 30 mins earlier every night. More sleep would translate to increased willpower which would (hopefully) help me be more stoic during my daily routine.


I need to set a goal to do some sort of physical activity every day- even if it’s just walking to the next block and back. I’ve been walking 4 or 5 times a week, but not every day. Ideally this would include an actual workout 3 times a week and walking the other days.

Here’s a great video to help with starting new habits


Exchanging 10 min of snooze in the morning for 10 min of morning dumbbell lifting, would be a good one for me. It’s hard to give up 10 min of sleeping in, but it provides no lasting value. Where the little bit of “bicep pumping” might! (bicep pump before the bitcoin pump bro! @IVANONTECH)


Getting up 30 minutes earlier each day and use that time to learn something new! The gratification for sleeping a few minutes longer is not worth it. I use the phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” often. I am not content unless I am constantly trying to better myself spiritually, mentally, or physically. I need to remember this when the alarm goes off.


I have planned to clean out my costly storage units to avoid having to pay immediate monthly costs and save that miney. I think the things in storage can be replaced someday should i ever need them instead of continuing to think that i need to hang onto them for current needs when in actuality i am not using them currently.


I could set a goal to select several YouTube videos and total that time, then take that time instead to continue IvanonTech course work.


Im a Panic buyer, I buy things as if that the last produce, either Cloths/Food etc, and they go stale in closet/fridge respectively.

the article has changed my perception towards money !!


spend less time and money on entertainment and more on income generating/or at least potential of and not guaranteed lost income/time.


I am spending most of my time (I think like most people) at work. My goal is to work less (maybe half of the time as a reachable goal) but earn still the same. So I can spend more time with my family and do things I want to do. This is my ultimative goal, this is why am investing most of my money and save a lot of money. I am very thrifty and have no expensive hobbies. The fact that I bought my way into the Academy was not easy for me either. (because of the price) But I hope the investment will help me to reach my goal. I will see the result in 3-5 years


I would get the discipline to pause/disconnect totally myself from mobile/connected devices to use this time to meditate.


I should be sleeping less, and work out more. During this lockdown I have gone lazy and started to put on some weight. I hate it.


Im a working student so I try to work as much as possible so I can invest more each month. Finishing my degree will again incease my investing. This means I need to be very productive with my time and energy.


A delayed gratification is anything that costs you a lot to see results but ultimately you will master like a manual handcraft you need to practice everyday to become better.
I do not yet understand this chapter definition and relation to Money course and Time preference being high or low.
Making example periodic DCA buying small of Bitcoin every month is a kind of a ‘low time preference’ I guess could also represent some big gains or losses in the long run time period, but one thing for sure accumulating sat’s is only a bet for now while there is not mass adoption of bitcoin worldwide …


Thanks, great yt of ‘mini-habits’ :vulcan_salute:

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I can’t help think of this book. Its about taking on huge, high-time-preference projects like learning a new language using the scrap “commercial break” low-time-preference times during your day.

Save your satoshi and wei. They’re nothing in the now, but something in the future.


For me it would have to be cooking a healthy meal even though it will take much longer to do so, rather than go for the easy option of fast food. It is so easily done! The funny thing is I feel much better after eating a good meal that I have prepared myself, I just never remember this when I’m hungry!


I drink 3 coffees in the morning, if I drink one less I save 20-30 minutes which I can then spend to study extra. Same for snoozing in the morning.

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Most of the time I want to achieve and build perfection straight away, I should certainly be should be more patient and think that great things take time to accomplish.

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Instead of having breakfast in a café and spending 3 euros a day, 60 euros a month I could have breakfast at home and buy bitcoin to hodl every month for 60 euros .