Aave Borrowing Tutorial

After you’ve played around with Aave and Compound, let us know how it went for you in the forum. Which protocol did you like more? Were there any things I forgot to cover in the tutorial that I should have? Anything on the Aave site you have questions on? Send in your thoughts and questions and be sure to engage with the other posts as well.

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Compound is having troubles loading the Kovan front-end, so I had to interact with the contract through etherscan.
If anyone else is experiencing this, you can interact through here.

Sometimes it does work but there’s some whacky code which means it can’t fetch your token balances or anything, or maybe they’re fetching for the wrong addresses. :man_shrugging:

Maybe a fun task would be to recreate a Compound frontend that works for testnet.
The front-end might work for Rinkeby testnet… I haven’t tried.

There’s really not a whole lot of differences, except for the token names switching from aERC20 to cERC20.

The mechanics are the same:
Provide collateral (which the standardise to $ value through oracles) => Borrow up to your available amount.
If collateral value < initial collateral value / ratio, you gon get beaten.

It’s worth noting that of these two protocols, only Aave can facilitate flash loans!


After using both Compound and Aave in kovan testnet I prefer Aave’s interface. It just seems a little more user friendly to me.


I actually ran into an issue where I swapped Eth for DAI on the Kovan testnet on Uniswap, but while I saw 200 DAI in my test wallet, AAVE only saw my Eth. Not sure if anyone found a way around this.

It let me only get 20 cents worth of test ETH for Kovan, which could not let me do a lot of testing. But from impression I think Compound is very simple to use, and on the other hand Aave seems more … not complex, but “complex”, as in the vibe. Not a bad thing necessarily.

I prefer absolutely Aave’s interface. It is more simpler than Compund and there for user friendly to me.

I actually found compound’s interface easier to use. I didn’t like that I had to send a transaction just to disable the collateral even though I didn’t have an active loan.

The aave app was really buggy for me, maybe it was because I was trying to use it on firefox instead of chrome.

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I like way more the Aave protocol. It just feels more confortable for my taste. But I think both Aave and Compound achieve the goal we want. Thanks for the tutorials they are really helpful !!!

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I didnt experience any problem usen de Kovan Net in Compound. But thanks for the insights ! :heart_eyes:

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Well the testnet experience is better in Aave!!! lol

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Prefer Aave… always have :wink:

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This is my second time I do Defi 101 course.This is much much better than the previous one where we didn’t learn these practical operations with metamask. Amazing course so far

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