Your opinion about Ledger products?

Hi all,

Anyone who wants to share their experience with Ledger’s company products (hardware wallets or their business products) - any potential problems with these?

Thank you!

Yes, potential problem with breach of customer’s private information. Ex. Dec. 2020’s theft of customer data: 1.1 million email addresses and 300K addresses and phone numbers stolen. This has opened those customers to countless potential scammers. If you buy from Ledger (or any hardware wallet company), try to protect yourself by using mail forwarding or an obfuscated mailing address.

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Thank you so much for your replay!

I’m aware of the breach of customer’s private info. So bad for a company that sells security. Regardless of that issue, that I understand can happen to any company, what do you think about their products compared with the competitors? Which hardware wallet will you choose and why?

What’s a mail forwarding and an obfuscated mailing address? I would love to know more about this.

Thanks again for your help and advice :slight_smile:

Hi @Ana I don’t have a recommendation for a wallet, but please post here what you found through your research.

Mail forwarding means you would send the product to an address that would forward the shipment to your address.