Your Ethereum Twitter Dream Team?

  1. Who is your must-follow for Ethereum on Twitter?

  2. Who is your personal favorite to follow and why?

  3. Any more?

I got this idea from a response to a survey somewhere, but I never actually saw the results. (The response I saw said, “not answering for fear of encouraging plutocracy” :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so cool, but not what I need)

I could just go a’googlin but I also wanted to stick a toe in this community, which seems pretty nice :slight_smile:
Thanks y’all fun learning in here

@lopp is Jameson Lopp

Thanks jel I follow Lopp already he’s a good one all right
His Bitcoin knowledgebase is stellar I send people there a lot, and hes got that cypherpunk vibe going on so he’s always a joy in my feed

Yea he has an awesome reference page doesn’t he?