World's FIRST Crypto Branded Mead

So I like to make mead. And I like crypto. So when I made a batch of watermelon blueberry mead, I couldn’t resist making crypto labels for them.

I made about 5 gallons and filled 36 330mL bottles and 3 1.4L bottles.

The labels are for my YouTube channel, DeFi NOW. I don’t want to shill it too hard, but that’s what the logo is.

Here’s the label up close. HODL for at least 4 years for maximum flavor.

24 of these bottles are locked up in my hardware wallet that looks a lot like a cardboard box so they can age. The rest may or may not be gone already.

Does anyone else here like home brewing and want to try something similar?


Everything you mead for quarantine

HODL for at least 4 years for maximum flavor

:mask::rofl: :mask:

Genius. This is exactly what Andreas Antonopoulos was talking about when he said the best way to get Bitcoin is to use your skills to make a product or service you can sell for crypto.

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Hahaha thanks man. Now if only it was legal to sell them. Most of them are actually sealed in a box until my YT channel grows and I can open it to celebrate. By that time those 150K sats will be crazy expensive for a bottle haha.