Will blockchain solve the "human" problem?

The artist and dreamer in me believes wholeheartedly in the revolutionary potential and almost utopian aspect of the blockchain and defi/decentralize community. To play devil’s advocate, the human and history-buff side of me also wonders about the potential ways in which this technology can (and will) be misused. I think it’s important to always be thinking about morals and ethics while developing technologies. Of course, we can never know the unknown and what people will do, but I think it is safe to assume that humans and those with power will find ways of misusing this. And if so, are there steps we can take to actively be ahead of the game or at least very close behind? I’m completely in love with everything I’m learning in this academy, and I’m also noticing elsewhere on the internet that blockchain is somewhat treated like a silver bullet to fix everything that wrong right now. For those of you much more technical and knowledgable than me, what are questions and problems that we should be aware of with these new developments and working to solve for society as a whole? Do you think there are steps that developers and the community can take to make this new internet even better by taking time to look more closely at its potential drawbacks? For me the big ones standing out are questions of privacy, and also about the possibility of empowering an even more policed, tracked, global state over the long term. It I really enjoyed this interview on Coindesk, I thought each point of view had valid points and was very fascinating. I would love to know what you think! "Internet 2030: Decentralized Web: Promise or Pipe Dream? https://www.coindesk.com/videos/recent-videos/internet-2030-decentralized-web-promise-or-pipe-dream


Great post @madmarica!

I’m a dreamer also and I think we are living through one of the most interesting points in history! Like you said Blockchain has enormous powers for good including tackling corruption in the world, but the powers that be, I think, will also try their best to keep up and employ the technology to further their agenda. Look at the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) that have been in testing for the last few years and will be probably rolled out throughout the world in due course. The IMF and Central Banks have realised that if they don’t keep up they will get left behind and I think they will develop their currencies with some aspects of blockchain but with all the same centralised problems from the old monetary system and the corruption will be exacerbated further!

I think we have such a revolutionary foundational technology here and for those that understand it’s power have a responsibility to learn and further the true vision of blockchain and decentralisation for the good of all whether that’s technically or by educating people about Blockchain, crypto, decentralisation and the problems with the current monetary and other centralised systems :slight_smile: I’m certainly passionate about it!


I just started diving into this course, and I was wondering the same as you.

Internet was suppose to revolutionize the world, and it has, but and here we are, in 2021, with tighter control on what kind of information we can access, and “censorship” being put in place by the minute… so…

I’ll take the time to watch the video you linked in your post, I’m curious to see what they have to say on the issue.

Thanks for bringing up this topic!


@madmarica Great video you suggested! Very inspiring.
And the major, inescapable takeaway for me:
Humans need to change for technology to serve a higher good!
Godspeed on your projects!

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Thank you @SopheeDee, best of luck in the academy too! Yes, tech is like fire, depends on how we choose to use it! <3

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