Why should you work in Web3 and at Moralis?

Why is it important to go full-time web3 and in particular Moralis?


I should work in Web3 because is the future, as well as smartphones once were the future now its the time for Web3 and with the help of Moralis I know I can achieve success in so many ways I can’t imagine.

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I should work in Web3 because Web3 = one of the best business business opportunities for the future! We3 allows us to create value! Like you said, Ivan, more valuable than Bitcoin or gold!


It is important to work in Web3 because of the big opportunity surrounding it. In this lesson, you gave an example of the evolution of the mobile phone; of how it evolved from a basic phone for just calling to a smartphone filled with enormous opportunities. And Web3 is the future :rocket: :blush: .

It is time to jump onto the moving train of the opportunities web3 has to offer :rocket: and with the help of Moralis, I would love to explore the opportunities web3 has to offer.


To save time and to develop intelligently


Web3 is full of opportunities to empower one’s self while changing the dynamic of global finance. The potential of this is enormous- if done properly this could radically change humanity for the better. It is imperative that good, responsible, people enter this space.

The Moralis Team is a collaboration of good, responsible, dedicated, conscientious professionals with the strongest work ethic. The products/services of the team are top-notch. Whether one is an end-user or a collaborator, Moralis has the goods.


Working with a web3 company will give me more opportunity than ever/any other industry. So my decision to join Moralis will give me more opportunity than ever before, because Moralis is all in one in the web3 industry. Ivan has said it all if their is any decision to make now is to join opportunity train.

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It is important to me to become a full-time Support specialist for Moralis because I love the idea of working for a company that is taking part in creating the future, and that has values and a mission that reflect the way I feel about all the new opportunities and values web3 is bringing to us.

I think being more involved in this kind of community would help me get closer to the developments happening in the way we perceive the internet right now. It would make it easy to transition into some of my interests like coding, and supporting - and pushing - for decentralization.

At the same time, I feel like my work background and having the same values as the company will make it easier for me to be able to support Moralis’ clients and help them achieve their goals within this platform.


I completely new about development; however I got involved on this after I decided to quit my engineer job and became a bitcoin enthusiast! Decentralized finance is key for humanity and a digital asset is very important: digital data is the next Revolution and I want to be part of this new wave!
1 the evolution of the internet is Web3 to decentralized our data; we. “the owners” will play a role to encrypt and decentralized valuable information that represents something to us (property, currency, nft, etc)
2. Moralis is one platform to empower us creates Dapps for new business models, build cross-chains, interact with blockchains in a flow model saving time for developers!
3. this is exciting and its a new opportunity for me to evolve with a new revolution of money!

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I would love to transition my career from Web2 to Web3 in Moralis because I see the potential of the technology as a vastly emerging trend, even before it has become a worldwide-adopted hype. I am invested in the innovation and transformation capabilities of Web3.

Working in Web3presents a great opportunity for being a part of the new iteration of finance and the internet, gaining invaluable knowledge of the developments, and accelerating my career. I would love to work in a faced-paced environment of Moralis to collaborate and learn inside one of the leading companies in this industry to pursue the world of opportunities.


Why work in Web3

  • Web3 gives us massive opportunity
  • Web3 is the new iteration of the internet
  • Open sourcing finance - you can innovate on the financial tech stack
  • The new iteration of money as a whole

Why work in Moralis

  • Moralis is the go to tool for your web3 App
  • Moralis is effecient and cross-chain
  • Join the winning team that is making a huge difference
  • Working on the bleeding-edge with massive opportunity!!!
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  • Web3 is the new iteration of web3, moreover we spend a massive amount of time in the digital world which means something big is coming!!!
  • Open-sourcing financial tech stack- we have the opportunity to program, build and innovate in the financial stack.
  • Last but not the least, web3 = opportunities.
  • Moralis is one of the winning teams to join and flourish in this web3.
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Because of the opportunity.
everything(game, business , …) which is on web 2 can reinvent itself in a decentralized manner with new perspectives in it.
web3 and blockchain is future.

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web3 is the present and the future of internet and of all people. Moralis in particular is a great team to work with with OpenSource tools that are and will help the world to get inmerse on it! So as is one of the top web3 tools companies, why not to join future?!


Moralis provides the right resources & tools to grow in Web3. Web3 being so new and vast, anything can be built on it. More importantly, something can be built first or better with Moralis. This team has the right players. Dedicated & hungry.

Web3 itself provides endless opportunities that have yet to be covered. This will be the future of the Internet where everything/anything can be individually unique/owned within the same space. Being first, creative, & collaborative in Moralis can give Web3 a growth spurt the mainstream crowd needs.

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It is important to go full-time web3 because it is the future. Imagine a world where money can be programmed and people can own digitized assets online. That is what Moralis is working towards by using web 3. It provides opportunities for the future. It also has open-source financing so developers can get info about the Tech Stack. More and more people are using the internet each day therefore and web 3 is the new integration of the internet, and Moralis is all about achieving that.

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Going full time Web3 has the potential to change many lives around the world, not just my own. Being a part of something bigger, that has a meaningful impact on humanity, is empowering and exciting. There are several options for employment when it comes to Web3, so choosing for some may seem difficult. Only 3 lessons into the course and I am already beginning to see why Moralis has come so far in such a short time. They truly practice what they preach, transparency, team work, innovation and creativity just to name a few. This rocket ship is on a mission and I can see that, through their careful, deliberate and precise decisions Moralis lives and breathes success!

As ivan puts it Web3 = opportunity and anything better than money, gold, crypto is opportunity. and moralis is at the forefront of developing on the web3 with so many opportunities

  • endless opportunities for sure :slight_smile:
  • developing under money / crypto assets systems - large space to innovate !!
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Web3 - unlocking the financial stack + next internet age + programable ownership rights = the biggest tech revolution & unlimited opportunities

Moralis - the go to developer solutions for web3 developers = join the winning team