Why can't I set the owner variable to msg.sender instead of using constructor?

I’m following Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 and at the video about require, he creates a variable called owner with the type address:

address owner;

Then he makes a constructor function and sets the owner variable to msg.sender.

address owner;
constructor() {
    owner = msg.sender;

I’m really confused at that part; why can’t I just set owner to msg.sender in the variable? Like this:

address owner = msg.sender;

Thank you!

msg.sender takes the value of the address who calls functions in the contract. This is true for every address that calls.
For security reasons, You don t want the value of the state variable owner to change.
constructor is a special function that will run only once, when the contract is deployed.
so it will set up only once the value of the owner variable when the contract is deployed


That makes a lot more sense now. Thank you @Sieg!

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You most welcome @Crownie !

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