Why can't I log into Moralis Academy on Brave browser?

Anyone know why I can’t log into the Moralis Academy on Brave browser? I enter my details and click :log in" but I just get the spinning wheel and it won’t log me in. The website seems to be extremely intrusive with trackers, fingerprinting, cookies etc. Anyone else use Brave browser for this website? I’ve had no problems using Brave on any other websites.
It was working fine till a few weeks ago but the website looks riddled with bugs now. And no, I don’t want to use Chrome to access this site.

I am having similar issues today. I am able to log in to the Homework Assignment community page but not into my coursework. When I go to Moralis Academy .oi it says i am not registered. I have paid $499.99 just couple weeks ago so why the issue? Do anyone knows? Thanks for your response.


I contacted customer support and they adjusted something in their settings and I was able to log in after that. It’s definitely best if you contact customer support and they’ll be able to assist you.