Who is taking a moonshot on a secret alt?

I thought I’d start a fun thread. Hopefully people take it seriously and provide legit picks and not just things they bought impetuously. DYOR and only share legit research too :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll start, my pick launched 3 weeks ago. It has two major features that are important in the suddenly crowded DeFi space: interoperability and liquidity staking. Stafi and Kira are currently pumping hard because they offer liquidity staking—Stafi is in the dot ecosystem and Kira is interoperable. These two might be good investments now—and most importantly they are legit projects for the long term; however, they’ve pumped recently. My pick is still at a 7M cap!

So here it is: TosDis. As I said above, TosDis aka DIS is a DeFi platform that offers liquidity staking and is interoperable with eth, dot, eos, tron, bsc and… um, I think more but I’m forgetting atm!

Their site and team are legit. More importantly, their DApp is functioning! I used it to put a small bag in their liquidity mining pool—298% APY! :joy:

Anyway, I think this project has a lot going for it. In Iván terminology, it has a narrative, a twist and big brothers. What do you guys think?

Anybody else aiming a moonshot on something that is just starting like TosDis?

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