Where can I find the length of each course?

The website used to have the length of hours, of each course. I think the old one was the one that had it, I’m not sure.

Where can I find the total hours for each course? Some said 5 hours and some said 10 hours. I know we will be dedicating more time studying but what I’m looking for is the length of each course if anyone could help me I’d be grateful.

I just started about a week ago with the professional plan :smiley:

Hey @Danielmd92, hope you are ok.

What do you mean by the length of each course if is not the content based in time?

I can try to help you, but i do not understand the question :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

Hey @thecil

Yeah, basically the time of each course.

The time in content is the one provided (5 hours for example), in terms of video and assignment contents, but it could be longer cuz we dont know how much could take an student to truly learn what the video offer :nerd_face:

So each course could have 5 or 10 hours of video content and reading material for example.

Carlos Z

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Is the aggregated course video time shown somewhere?
Not imperative but I’m interested also and have not been able to find.

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Prior to the changes made on the website. Each course had how many hours each all videos on the course lasted. Yeah, it be nice having it back. Thecil said they laster 5 or 10 hours though :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough! I only joined 4 weeks ago so must’ve missed it.

Facing same issue last time but no response from anyone and still searching for some proper solution.