Where can I find a blockchain programmer?

Hi. I need to ask some questions about if an idea I have is even possible. I am taking Ivan’s courses to help understand how the technology works, but I need help to speed up the process.

I want to make an app, or hire programmers to make an app. After speaking with programmers doing full stack for apps in the non-crypto area, I am beginning to understand how the process works for my idea in that realm, but AM TOTALLY LOST when it comes to connecting it to blockchain for my business use case. I need some guidance. Like a few puzzle pieces is all. Thanks


Same here, have the idea but need help building it. Let me know if you got to step 2.

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I have the same issue too. I’m designing and developing a bespoke Crypto Trading AutoBot that would carry out my “Profit Taking” strategy perfectly using AzureML/AI_MLOps pipeline. Due to my lack in trust of the Binance Futures Exchange and also my security trust issues with crypto currencies themselves, I can’t use an off-shelf bot. What I need is to peer-program with a Blockchain Programmer so we can come up with a solution that makes me comfortable.