What order do these courses go in?

Hey guys, I am a bit lost. I completed my first course, Bitcoin Standard. What is my next course supposed to be? When I got to my “All my Courses,” I noticed 29 courses with Ivan talking. When I go to “My Courses,” I have 7 with other professionals. I do not have any experience in this field, and I would like to position myself to get a job as soon as possible and continue with school. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



If you are looking to get a job as soon as possible I would start with doing all the programming classes. That what I would do, not sure if this help but was on and figured I’d tell you what I would do. Anyway good luck and I hope you get what you want, have a good one.

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instead of going to the “My Courses” Tab which shows all available courses, try going to …

the “Dashboard” tab…
scroll down to “Your Personal Plan”…
(mine does not update, but does list them sequentially).
so for me, after “the Bitcoin Standard” it shows “Ethereum 101”

hope this helps!


Thank you, I appreciate the response.

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DeFi 101 is awesome and not super technical. Highly recommend. I had to step away from JavaScript course a few times because I found it difficult. I bounced back and forth to less technical courses so I didn’t feel stupid haha.

I had zero programming experience in October and can now read JavaScript. The course took me 2 months to work through. I can’t write my own code, but can read and understand what is going on. I read somewhere that it takes 8+ months to be able to write your own code, so don’t get discouraged when it gets confusing/hard… It will Hahaha! Takes time and practice to learn but totally worth the effort imo.

I just started C++ and it’s going waay smoother than JS on account of what I already learned. I plan on redoing a bunch of the JavaScript exercises. If you are hung up on something, hit me up and maybe we can work through it together.

Good luck and enjoy!


I started with what sound more basic to me. In order to understand bitcoin you need to understand the history of money etc. That is how I started this Academy. There is no real starting point. So you go with what works for you.


I really like your comments here Tyler.
You said you had no programming experience but I wonder did you have any computer experience at all?

I joined the academy because it said no experience required. But I have never worked with computers at all other than basic google searches or email, simple things.

Do you have any computer background at all? I am not sure if I can do this with no experience with computers at all.

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I do. I’d put myself in the intermediate computer user category. I want to be an expert, that’s why I’m here. I grew up in the 80s and started using computers around 1987 as a child.

The good news is that you have access to any information you may need via Google search. There are lots of websites that provide whatever information/videos you may need. I have learned through the academy that searching for answers online is at least 50% of programming haha! The same applies to general computer use. It’s not super hard, but there is a lot to learn. One piece at a time, like eating an elephant! Keep stacking small pieces of information and after time you will become knowledgeable, and have the resources to find what you don’t know.

There are a bunch of courses that don’t require much technical knowledge. DeFi 101 is awesome, highly recommend. Blockchain 101, Business Masterclass, Technical Analysis. The administrators can help steer you along too. For example, I’ve been stuck on a problem for 4-5 hours in the Algorithmic Trading course, very frustrating. Carlos has been great and is helping me out via this forum. I’m here to avoid going back to that awful problem I’m having lol! Other students can help too.

The say no experience necessary, but nobody said it would be easy! I recommend sticking with it! JavaScript 101 took me 2 months to work through and I still don’t know it, but can now read code and understand what is going on. Baby steps…

Good luck with it, hopefully you find strength the to persevere! It’s a decision you make, and a promise to your future self and loved ones. The technology is amazing and will certainly change the financial system as we know it. I felt the same way (discouraged) in October 2020 when I started JavaScript, but am glad I stuck with it.

Feel free to reach out if you are having issues or need a pep talk!



Thanks Tyler!
I have strong desire and commitment, willing to work hard and I really appreciate your encouraging words.

Hey i saw your post asking for help. i am pretty lost i this online academy and just wonderig how it is going for you? your post was from a few months back and i am wondering if youre still with it or does it get easier or are you over it? i just posted something asking for help but havent gotten respnses yet and my counselor keeps telling me to ask people in the forum

hey bro ive been having trouble on javascript also. im only 2 weeks into the academy and have been learning alot but am wondering if this is worth the money. you seem to be having a good experience and i was wanting to know if you have any suggestions or advise. how long you been in the academy? how do you like it?

Hey mate,
I’m not sure if you’re still in the academy…
I joined earlier this month and can say you definitely get out what you put in.
I’ve been spending several hours six days a week and putting significant effort into the practice assignments.

So far for me it’s definitely worth it. It gets so much easier over time where you are immersed in the content and the teachers are great.

If you want more problems to work with, you can find heaps online but for digesting information easily, the teachers are excellent.

And there are months and months and months of content aggregated here where >80% of the content is considered high-level and quite specialised to the blockchain industry.

Btw, not paid by the crew :laughing: I’m just highly optimistic about the academy and don’t think I’ve ever accelerated my academic ability and learning as fast as I have in this last month.

If you ask, I’m happy to help if you want a hand with anything?


Thanks Jak, this is Zoe new in crypto industry. I think I really need some help. I just learned the first course. What’s your email? Mine: [email protected]

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Hey Zoe, what would you like help with? :slightly_smiling_face: