What is Defi? - Assignment

Look at the current DeFi TVL on DeFi Pulse and post what it is in the forum along with your prediction of where it will be at the end of this year.

Today’ s TVL: $107.92B

My prediction by the end of this year:

Just to give us some kind of measure to play around with math:
Taking into consideration the increase for each yearly quarter:

  • Q1, 2021: Jan 1 ($26B) to Feb 28 ($46B) = +76%
  • Q2, 2021: March 1 ($49B) to May 31 ($72B) = +46%
  • Q3, 2021: Jun 1 ($72B) to August 31 ($93B) = +29%
  • Q4, 2021: Sep 1 ($98B) to Actual Date (Dec 3) ($107B) = +9%

The Avg increase per Q is around: 40%. So could close with a 30% increase, at least.

Prediction TVL could be: $29B more by the end of the year, ending with around $130B.

Carlos Z.

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Currentle at 94B should close around 100B

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Total Value Locked (USD)


No predictions yet, but as we are seeing inflation growing, people will be looking for an edge that might become the catalyst for Defi to increase.

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The total value locked in defi which is currently 97.83 billion! The total money locked in smart contracts

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I think it will get back to 100 billion by the end of the year if not 120 billion :slight_smile:

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The Total Value Locked (TVL) in Defi according to DefiPulse on the 19th December 2021 is:

My guess is by the end of the year (2021), we’ll be looking around the $100B mark - there’s less than 2 weeks left.
The bearish sentiment for the crypto market doesn’t help it’s cause either!

However, at the end of 2022, I expect the Defi TVL to be
$900Billion - $1 Trillion

I look forward to checking back and seeing how wrong I was… :clown_face:

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Today’s TVL: $97.3 Billion USD

I believe the TVL will be $110 Billion by the end of the year!

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Today’s TVL is $97 billion.

My prediction is that if the trend continues we will be back up around $100 billion by the end of the year (12 days). Though… it could be plus or minus 20% that value the way things seem to move.

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Todays Total value locked is USD 95 billion.

My end-of-year guess is USD 90 B.

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$97.69B TVL shown at DEFI Pulse this minute :slight_smile:

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TVL @21-Dec-2021 ==> $99.01B

TVL @31-Dec-2022 ==> $200B

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  • TVL on 22nd Dec is $ 99.82B
  • End of this year is close, so let’s say around 105B at end 2021.
  • Mid-2022 it would reach the $200B
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TVL is 99.69B, End of year is here so id say 100B.
I cant see much happening around christmas/newyear but hey id love to be wrong.
150b by mid next year would be respectful

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The current value locked as of 23 Dec 2021 is 99.78 Billion
Will probably be 100 Billion at year end 2021
My estimate for year end 2022 is 500 Billion

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  1. Now 99.8 billion
  2. Prediction by the end of year: 110 billion
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Total value locked is currently $99.81 billion, and has increased by over $13 billion in the last 24 hours. By the end of this year ~8 days, I expect the TVL to hit a new ATH of $120 billion.

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there is only 1 week left. it is at 102 billion at the moment, and bitcoin seems to have confirmed a breakout, so im gonna be bullish and say 130 billion as bitcoin runs for a new ATH

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Todays TVL is $103.07B. EOY 2022 $300B.

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Total value locked inDefi on January 1, 2021 was 26.1B, and on Dec 27, 2021 is 103.73B, I predict it to cross 500B by end of 2022.

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