WETH and ETH, how to get some wealth?

I have noticed sometimes there is a $10 spread between WETH and ETH and wonder how I can make a quick buck from this…I posed the question before but it isn’t a ‘no brainer’ for me as I can’t code yet.

Now correct me if I am wrong about this but I recall not long ago that one could wrap and unwrap ETH for free…I remember doing that 6-8 weeks ago I think. Can you still do that and where as that is a quick way to make a buck.

Technically this isn’t arbitrage because weth and eth are not the same banana…but ultimately they are the same thing…but dumb this down a little for me because there definitely is a way to make money here as at 5am WETH was over $400 and ETH was like $389 and I have seen the opposite when WETH was worth a lot less.

I found a pretty neat DEFI called FURUCOMBO.app in which you can do no program flash loans but just not sure how to do it (or if it is even possible with) the decentralized application.

Your thoughts and direction appreciate.


bump, id like an answer to this one too.

I’m not sure it this is a right place to ask, but I didn’t find more suitable place. I hope I fill find help here.
My question: I’m thinking of going long on ETH when it breach current main resistance level which is around 1440 - 1455 USD. I’m planning to go long with 10x leverage and use the ATH breaking momentum to get safely over the resistance. I plant to use 2% stop loss.
My plan is to buy at 1490 and set stop loss 1455 which is the top of the current resistance I aim to take profit when it does 1x.
Do you think that there is a chance that ETH could drop under the resistance level after it pumps? I’m afraid of being wiped by 0.5% over my stop loss.
I’m looking for you opinions. It’s a good plan. Bad plan?
What is your thoughs on that?
Thank you for you reply