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You are very welcome to the Moralis Academy Community!

This is a place for discussion, sharing of knowledge and just a casual forum for meeting like minded crypto enthusiasts. Whether you are completely new to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry or already experienced I’m sure Toshi Times will broaden your horizons, make you new connections and provide a natural place for discussing anything crypto related. :gift_heart:

My name is Ivan and I run the Moralis youtube channel where I educate hundreds of thousands of people about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Feel free to reach out to me at any time, my whole mission is to help YOU!

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Hello Ivan,
thank you for enrolling me for this course and I am earning to learn from the scratch. I am based out of Washington DC and currently work in the field of sustainable agriculture for an NGO. I hope to develop block chain applications that would help poor farmers across the globe get fair price for their produce. This is my objective in the foreseeable future. I would be privileged to be connected with like minded people in this forum.
Greetings to All.


Hey Ivan!,

I’m Smajil Alisic from Novi Sad, Serbia. In addition to my profile introduction:
My interest in blockchain tech begun last year with rise of etherium. I’m tech savvy but not really into programming. So why not, blockchain is the future and programming smart contracts will be essential knowledge.

So, hi everyone!


Hello Blockchainers,
I’m Vincent. I’m an engineer from France. I’m looking forward to learning this smart contract programming lecture with you guys. I’m not new to programming and I want to learn blockchain programming for ICOs and stuff related to finance and tech.

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I just wanna say that this forum is an amazing idea. I like the design and the simplicity of it. I have a feeling it will go very well with the programming course. I like that the site auto updates without the need for me to reload the web page. I updated my profile and introduced myself a month or so ago. I may be interested in becoming a moderator eventually here. I was a moderator back in the day on a gaming network which had in-game, forum and teamspeak moderation. My main focus is now on the course, but will keep the idea of applying for a moderator here on the forums. :smiley: <3


Hi guys
Finally the course released :smiley: . Nice to meet you :x

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Hi I followed the blockchain from 2014 , and just now I see the chance to contribute and learn properly
Thanks a lot for created this Opportunity to share and make the difficult (all the programming ) easy
Brave guys !!!

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Hey Ivan, been following you for a while now. Not as far back as the work out days but a while nonetheless, lol.
I’m really looking forward to the course. I’m don’t have a programming background. So I’ really pumped to be able to learn 3 programming languages and become a smart contract dev…
I been in that Space for some years now. I’m also doing your fundamentals course. It’s been really helpful in getting more into the technical side of blockchain and cryptos. I can explain a whole lot more now based on my technical understanding.


Hello everyone,

I am a retired teacher and am taking this course to help fill some empty hours. Looking forward to learning something new.


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Glad to be here! i really hope to learn as much as i can or at least grasp the basics. i located near northern va ,i hope to meet more people in the engineering/ IT field.

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Hi Ivan, you are really doing a great job here, gathering a community of like-minds to share knowledge on tech and business. I guess I’m in for a big learn.

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Hi all. I am Greg from South Africa. I am new to programming although I have some experience from a few years back when I built web pages for friends and family. I am here to learn all I can in as short a time as possible. I am looking forward to meeting and chatting to others about the many exciting things that blockchain has to offer.

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