Webhooks feedback needed

I did as Ivan suggested and contacted a very important project today as I see an innovative business idea for their platform. After doing much research, and speaking with both platforms, it seems that using Webhooks will be the best way to accomplish the task of transferring information from platform A to platform B which will then execute a BOT trade on platform B, I was a stockbroker and options trader at Morgan Stanley during the DOT.com bubble and I have some ideas around this area that I believe would be important and profitable in the space. Is there anyone in the community that knows about webhooks I could chat with a couple of minutes regarding this idea? Or maybe one of the Ivan on Tech mentors can give me direction on accomplishing this. Thanks, Scott B.

I’m not sure if you know how to code, but neverthless I’ll try to explain.

Option A: On platform A there should be webhook. It really depends how is that platform developed. That webhook should have option that you can give her information that it triggers API on platform B(your platform) in particular moment and then platform B executes a bot trade. In some cases some bigger platforms develop their own webhooks so that can be configured easily, but if that is not a case informations can be fetched on other ways.

Option B: Web scrapper(platform B) let’s say every 5 sec goes to platform A that has web app and scrapes info from there when it founds the info it triggers bot.

Option C: Platform A has public API’s that you can trigger. So you create API on platform B(your platform) that triggers Platform A API every 5 sec and gets info that you need, than triggers bot trade.

Hope it helps a bit, I can help more but have to know how platform A looks like, if they have open API’s, their webhooks etc.