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MVC - Models Views Controller With Angular JS comes straight out of the box - with React you only have ‘Views’ straight out of the box.

You will have some kind of middleware that communicates with the server and gets the information from the server, and puts it in your MVC infrastructure.

Models deal with data
Views deal with templates
Controller deals with the logic that puts your templates and views together.
As project leader you will want to be using MVC and your developers will be using angular or react to control this.


are web apps better than phone apps?

what is the user adoption in both of these types of apps.

for example if I develop the same app in the web and in the phone, which one do they prefer more?

If you talk about MVC it would be much better to talk about more than one tech using it.
I get that you are more of a javascript guy but .NET has been offering MVC for quite some time.
Java has a few framworks also.
I mean javascript is cool and all but if you want structure like Angular well it’s basically a reworked version of ASP.NET MVC.

I built an MVC framwork in php, so even if the language doesn’t have the framework you are looking for, you can make your own.
So try making an MVC framework from scratch if you want to learn how it works inside

Just my two cents

Cu around


Thank you for your knowledgeable teachings.
This lecture described and discussed displaying information on the web.
For example, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, and ReactJS.
Best Regards,

I heard in the video that Angular was created by Google. Does this have any downsides compared to React?

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react was created by facebook hahhaha so its a level playing ground lol. however unloke angular angular is open sourced im pretty sure

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facebook? oofg, even more shady company than Google. Good to know they made React

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yeah i wonuldnt hold this predjudice tho. for programming langyages this doesnt matter. react is opensourced too anyway to the community

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from one of the previous videos, i understand that web desktop version are becoming flexible and adaptable to mobile apps; that would help with the nightmare of buiding apps for iOS and android and then for desktop;
if i understood correctly web apps are the universal way to go since with new lanuages it could be hybrid and mobiles can be use with it; it may have some disadvantages, like be slower and consume more battery/energy. https://www.clariontech.com/blog/mobile-app-vs-web-app-which-is-the-right-one-for-you.
this is my impression and i am not expert… just learning as the course goes!

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