Wallets FYI - Profile page for your wallet addresses

We’re on a mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone. This includes paying others and being paid yourself

We’ve starting by releasing a straightforward profile page for your wallet addresses (ideally these are hot wallets). Instead of sending around multiple wallet addresses each time you want to share them with people just share your wallets.fyi address.

As an example see the the Wallets HQ profile page: https://wallets.fyi/walletshq

We envisage such a profile being useful for

  • Charitys wishing to receive crypto currency
  • Individuals
  • Vloggers and bloggers

We’re publishing our roadmap within the next week or so but a few things in testing at the moment include:
Shapeshift integration
Fiat to crypto payments.

Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to give any feedback you may have.


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