Virtual Studio Code - live web server via VPN not working

Does anyone know how to get “live web server” to open via VPN on a Mac?

Hi @50Grosh

Are you referring to the localhost live server? If yes, it should also work on VPN without any issues.

Please share any related screenshots to understand the issue better.

Hi, John.

Thank you for replying. Please forgive me as I am not very experienced or well-versed in terminology. in the screenshot provided, on the right, is the extension I am using to preview my HTML file, on the left, is what I get when loading the file for preview in Chrome with my VPN on. It does load with no problems when I turn the VPN off.

Many thanks,

Hi @50Grosh

It cant be related to the VPN as localhost purely runs on local machine.

I guess you might have any cdn script on your html code which not loading on VPN. Could that be a case?

Hi, John,

Simply disabling the kill switch in my “protonVPN” did the trick. So it was related to the VPN I guess. :smiley:
I’m glad it was easier than going through livewebserver settings, it made my head ache. :smiley:

Thanks for reaching out with your suggestions.

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