UTXO vs. Bank account balance?

Hello, I just finished watching Transactions and UTXOs lecture on Bitcoin Basics course and I am a bit unclear about the concept.

Isn’t UTXO just the same thing as current balance on someone’s Bank account? For example, if my friend sent me $50 to my account, my account balance would be previous balance plus $50, and until I spend any money on anything, my account balance will stay the same, which seems no different than UTXO because it has not yet been spent.

So I guess my question is, Is there any distinctive difference between UTXO and a traditional Bank account balance other than the fact that UTXO is through the transactions that have been confirmed by blockchain while a bank balance is confirmed by the Bank?

It emulates traditional transaction ledgers which means they are similar. UTXOs are added to your balance and the sum represent your total balance. :slight_smile:

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