UTrust - What do you think?

What does anyone think of this upcoming ICO? I was planning on investing, but then they delayed the date. This makes me hesitant. Also Monetha just had their ICO that sold out in 18 minutes. How do you think these 2 compare?

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haven’t looked into them yet, anyone else who has researched these payment projects?

I recently saw an interesting video from crypto bud who researched utrust see below:

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I havn’t looked into UTRUST very much but I’m invested in Monetha. I like them more in regards of product, team, spirit, …


i watched their Q&A google videostream on 15.09.2017
because i liked the idea of having some sort of paypalcryptokiller as an ico investment.
to be honest, my first impression was very good.
polished website, good whitepaper, presentation in a businesslike atmospehre,
nothing to worry about, the Q&A was a real thing.
after a while i got some doubts.

  1. the glasdoors of their conferenz room had a lot of fingerprints on it, so dirty i could not stop looking at them.
    is this a office to rent where nobody is taking care of anything ?
  2. just way too little people on these two chats, which is showing that here is not enough public interest. just me, an ico newbie and maybe up to ten others. felt unreal.
  3. although they have been answering questions if people insisted to answer them. they felt like sort of unprepared.
    if i personally run a presentation i usually bring at least five qeustions people usually ask with me, and give the answers right away to communicate at least the most important information.
  4. i remember a asian guy asking how many tokens will they buy back for sure or at least. they did not really answer this question, and the guy said that he was not convinced. After this, one of the guys got really nervous, starting flipping his pen around. that scared me of.
  5. they had some sort of camchat with one of their people, can´t rember, he did the programming. he was sitting in his sleepingroom with his guitar on they wall and some ikea shelfe with unread books on it. for sure he might know what he is doing but is was just so unreal, and very unprofessionell.
  6. at least they said they will have another show next friday. i will watch it and maybe i will invest in utrust. at the moment i would not.
  7. there is somehow a lack of professionalism between their website with this ambitious project and the Q&A. At the moment if feels as if someone from outside is paying some real people to set up a project, maybe do the ico for them and then…who knows. let´s wait for the next show.

i hope this did help somehow


eggman - Thank you very much for this info. This pretty much confirms the uncertain feelings I have had about this organization. I think I will save my $ for another investment. Appreciate you sharing your insight!

There is a new payment network ico coming soon: https://request.network
They are basically doing something similar to Monetha and UTrust but the main difference is that they are building a protocol not a product. Same as 0x; they are building a protocol for decentralized exchanges and not a decentralized exchange by themself.

They both have very interesting concepts. Alternatively, We are currently working on our Trufield project that will provide free electronic medical records systems in poor developing countries to help improve healthcare. It is a great humanitarian project that will revolutionize healthcare for millions of people. Further information here at http://Trufield.com.