Using the DAI savings rate - Assignment

Let’s put what we have learned into practice and open a maker CDP mint some DAI tokens then let’s park these DAI tokens into compound, Chai or Oasis or if you just want to test use the kovan Etherum network

When locking Etherum in a Maker DAO CDP and then borrowing you collateral to another protocol do you see any interesting market opportunities? Or do you have any cool ideas of new building blocks that we can build together let’s discuss it in this forum thread.


I do think that Maker creates interesting market opportunities. If you are a big investor with a lot of money 8% gain could be a lot at the end.
(you could also gain more ETH , for example if you think ETH’s value goes up)

Of course , the possibility of lending , borrowing without using banks and all of their checks and scores and blablabla makes it appealing.
However , i think that for a bigger mass adoption and for an average person the user experience sometimes it is still bit complicated.

For somebody who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge at the beginning all these names and different versions of DAI could be confusing. :sweat_smile:


I understand your point @Luca_del_Grosso and thank you for your input.
We all need to start somewhere…

Financial markets are complex and hard to understand as well …
It is up to the people to now just accept EUR because it is simple or to learn something new and do the effort to understand.

The money printer go BRRR explains it well :wink:

I would say it is time for something new it is hard to understand but once you do … then you will have a significant knowledge advantage.


Hi amadeo,
Thank you for your reply !
That is absolutely true . Now it’s up to you too if you decide to insist and put more initiative in learning! Let’s keep it up!


Yeaa man lets boost forward together :slight_smile:
It is like a lot off things in life once you get it then it is easy and you understand.
Let me know if you have any questions.


Seeing Ivan shows everyday makes one have an ideea about all the defi space but joining the course i undesrstood a lot mor about how it works. It will take time to adopt it as my sister and housband still dont get the concept of copy and past a link from youtube and convert the soud to an.mp3 file and then store it in a pendrive jejejeje. I was helping them with this task last christmas…
Maybe all this adoption will came when all of us using alternative finance like defi will have huge returns or advantages and the rest will have to learn the hard way-loosing money


Hey @amadeobrands, really enjoying your videos!
I tried to use with Kovan network but had issues on closing my vault. Looks like there’s 20 DAI that can not be paid even tho I have them in “Outstanding”: is pretty cool and overall MakerDAO is a great protocol.
On Compound is very interesting to see how the total supply / borrow have decreased so much, and then we have more suppliers but less borrowers (comparing the date of your video and today).
And also using Kovan testnet after depositing ETH and DAI I did not get any cDai, should I do something else than just depositing?

Thanks a lot!


Weird issues.
For oasis deck try to deposit some more (Test net) then see if you can close it?
Make sure you use testnet compound if they have that option.


Hi amadeo,
Thank you very much for your availability.
I actually have a tricky question xD
Among all the stablecoins the most secure one ,not the fastest, is DAI. Now DAI is still pegged to USD value and if ,by any chance in the future, the value of the dollar drops a lot (because somebody is still printing trillions) would this happen to DAI to?
If so we still pretty depended on dollar , or any other FIAT currency.
We should create a better stable coin :smile:


hey @amadeobrands thanks for the reply. today oasis was able to let me repay the Dai.
Regarding the stability fee, in what form is it paid… is it when we accept the tx on Metamask? is it included in the tx fee?
Also, I noticed that when supplying Dai on Compound, the borrow limit does not change (only with ETH), why is that? I thought I could borrow for example BAT by supplying Dai:

Maybe that’s why I am still not getting cDai? I am not sure to try it on mainnet until I get this well tested on Kovan (can’t find testnet compound like you suggested).
Thank you! And sorry for these questions, just want to understand it deeply


Yes let’s do that :smiley: We have so much to do the work needs to be done and $$$ is there to be made.
There are already some projects working on exactly that issue :wink:

Ampleforth is taking an inception mindbending way of solving it do you understand what they are trying to do?

Competing/adding value building blocks



I think your really smart testing all out before going in with real value.
This will learn you so much.

I also did this before I started using it :slight_smile:
See here my notes

What is really cool and once you understand is amazing …
Is that the interest and all other metrics are set per block time.
I hope this also answers your question?

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gold / silver backed stablecoin? is this a thing?


This is pretty cool. I just wonder how I can get those cDai on the Compound platform, because on Kovan testnet when I supply Dai I don’t get any cDai on Metamask.
Also, I can not borrow for example BAT by supplying DAI, right? only by supplying ETH.
Thanks @amadeobrands!

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This should work on main-net.
Test net is not real $$$

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yeah, makes sense! Just finished watching your discussion with Zhuang, very interesting! Also, been asking some questions to Ryan from Bankless, that guy also knows a lot.
Congrats on your course and can’t wait for updates (and maybe a 201) :slight_smile:


Hi Amadeo,
Thank you very much for such informative content!
Wooooow that is such a trippy concept! It is very fascinating and i understood it.
The protocol/coin focuses mainly on balance itself and it works like an automated scale by balancing itself all the time. Mmmmmmh…
As per example you have 10 Amps and:

In case the value drops by 10% your 10 Amps will be 11 Amps,
In case the value goes up by 10% your 10 Amps will be 9 Amps,

Is it correct?
Imagine going to buy food and everyday prices are different tho xD


Hi Luca,

you made good points, but when you think about it, 8% interest is still better than anything in traditional finance. And when you know than anybody has access to that with just a little bit of knowledge, because at the end of the day it is not much more than a few click of a button. You don’t need to understand everything in order to use it, even if it’s better of course :smiley:

Anyway I found all this DeFi fascinating and promising :wink:


This doesn’t look normal :smiley:
Any suggestion why my DSR is at 0% ?