Using a VPN to transact with BTC and other cryptocurrencies!

Hello Crypto friends: I use NordVPN, but have noticed a lot that I need disconnect it when I’m trying to perform many different transactions in order to complete the transaction. Some of these can be related to BTC and other cryptocurrencies, but other times it can be from using other programs that might not be related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Do you have any comments about this topic and also any specific recommendations about VPN’s? I live in the United States by the way, but travel outside the country and want to protect myself from people trying to look at my connection. Thanks!


What’s up Chip, I’m by no means any expert but I use ExpressVPN and find myself constantly having to reset the connecting, I shared a NordVPN account with a friend and we also found the connection dropped often or needed to be reset. I think VPN’s just need more tweaking, not trying to make false accusations just reaching out to say I’m in the same boat over in the States as well when it comes to my VPN


Phyllis, thanks for your feedback and letting me know that I’m not alone with my current situation. I don’t want to start adding new VPNs with the same results. :slight_smile:


When you use a VPN, the site or company you are transacting with sees an IP address shared with many people. So they know you are using a VPN. Many companies want to verify it is really you and not a scammer. Banks and other financial apps are prime targets for scammers, but also Netflix and other such companies as well. So these companies will block transactions with those known IP addresses.

One thing you can try, is to use a smaller vpn company, with less people sharing an IP address.


Companies do not know directly that multiple people are using the same IP. It is deduced, either from seeing multiple accounts tied to a single IP, or staff of the company using a VPN service and logging the IPs used (or by searching flagged VPN IPs from other sources).

I personally have not had issues with any crypto transactions through VPN.

It is also noteworthy to state that just because you are using a VPN doesn’t mean you are anonymous. IP tracking is only one way of tracking location and identity.


What are your recommendations for VPN services? I am just googling at the moment and many pretty much look the same… “we are fast, we are secure…”

Personally, I use ExpressVPN. You are correct in the fact they share many claims, but the speed and amount of server locations is what leveraged me toward them. Of course, I again recommend that you look further into internet security before hoping a VPN will solve all security issues.

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Thank you @mr_e!

I am aware that there is much more to it, internet security actually seems to be a big topic - any pointers (YT, articles…) for a “good first start”? I am sure that really understanding it needs time and energy, but maybe I can do something already to get to the next significant level up. Thanks in advance. :+1:

I didn’t mean to sound like you didn’t understand internet security, reading it back seemed a bit harsh. I merely wanted to point out that this is usually what some VPN service lead their potential customers into believing.

I myself am no authority on the matter of best internet security practices, but it is known IP tracking is only one way sites/entities can track users. VPNs would only protect against IP based vulnerabilities, and still only to a certain degree.

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No hard feelings at all! It is a very important topic and it is very useful to point out to people to not do 1 action and then think they are safe, potentially loosing a lot etc. So your intent was very helpful and you message as well, all good and thanks! :slight_smile:

You see, I’ve been dabbling in the crypto world for a while now, and I know how important it is to keep your transactions secure, especially when you’re traveling outside the country like I do.

I totally get where you’re coming from. It can be frustrating having to disconnect your VPN every time you want to make a transaction, whether it’s crypto-related or not. I’ve had similar experiences with NordVPN.

.For me, finding the right VPN has been a bit of trial and error. I’ve heard good things about ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, but it really depends on your specific needs and preferences.Another option to consider is getting a Proxy service provider. They can offer similar benefits to a VPN but might be more suited to your transaction needs.