Update and bug fixes in Block chain

So, I am concerned about the software updates in block chain. Suppose their is a buggy code deployed on decentralized nodes. How will I be able to fix it. As far as I know, there are two methods to perform updates in a block chain Hard fork and Soft Fork.
Let’s say I go with Soft Fork
Soft Fork is used for minimal update and backward compatibility is taken care of. But some of the nodes might still be running on buggy code.
Hard forks is used and option is with miners or node owners to switch to the new code. But what if I want to upgrade the software on all the nodes.
It seems like I am missing some thing.
Is there any other upgrade strategy? I am new to block chain so please enlighten if I made any mistakes.

Since there are no central authorities, the only way to fix something is to have every node update it individually. This is done via soft or hard forks the way you described, but bug fixes are not really contentious - meaning they don’t really have a difficult time being incorporated into nodes because no one wants to run buggy software.

The process is less efficient than just deploying a hotfix and automatically updating it in your users computer but that’s the way to guarantee decentralization.

Thanks Caiof for your response. I thought there were some strategies I might not be aware of. I recently started looking into block chain and that’s why I have many questions for the technology.

Happy to help! Any question you have ask on the forum and someone will try to help you. :grin: