Unlock Automated Yield Farming to The Masses

Hi Guys,

What do you think about yield farming overall? It seems like a big deal for many crypto investors, developers and evangelists. I find myself on the start of the road to DeFi projects and yield farming. And recently I’ve stumbled upon tons of interesting protocols within DeFi ecosystem. Would be great to hear your opinion about the DeFi and it’s future.


For me they will need to achieve a working hybrid version of yeild farming, Proof of commitment NFTs and Staking to control the inevitable inflation we see in every yeild farming Protocol. You cant just print money and have no consequences, we can however gamify what is happening and possibly create a better economy around yeild farming. I agree it’s a huge deal with most in the cry6space, it’s just not going to last in it’s current form.

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Interesting that you have mentioned that. Recently I stumbled upon one interesting project, which can change the yield farming we see today…You can check it out - https://yfarmer.io/

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I checked it out and it’s a broken link. Hope it’s just a temporary issue, many YF copies turn out to be scams, so be careful.

Weird, it’s working…probably was a temporary issue. I have joined their telegram group - seems like legit project. Although, the private sale has ended, they told me, and the public sale will be open soon…

Yfarmer brings great news. Public token sale is on the way. Here is the details:

  1. The public sale takes place next Thursday, 3rd of December, 2PM UTC.
  1. The public sale will run for 48 hours.
  2. Our token will be listed on Uniswap, rigth after the sale is finished.
  3. The YFarmer project will be audited this week by Zokyo to be in accordance with all safety standarts.

I am gonna definitely check that out.