Uniswap : transaction ok but not received ETH

Hi I am pretty new to the crypto world.
I have a coinbase wallet and just swapped MAHA to WETH via Uniswap.
The transaction was successfull but I did not receive With or ETH
What should I do?
here the data from etherscan
as you see the value is : ETH = 0??
Thanks a lot for your help

You may have lost it all in fees if the transaction shows as completed. I sent a much smaller amount from one wallet to another and the same thing happened, the receiving wallet shows that I received 0 ETH.

I wanted to play around with Metamask, but I lack sufficient funds to do anything due to fees.

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Hi @tmoubax! I haven’t really tried using coinbase wallet to interact with UNISWAP (I use metamask). I’m not really sure what happened but base on your etherscan transaction the swap was successful from MAHA to WETH (see your Tokens Transferred)

Now based on my experiences there should be a from to your wallet address (see image below for example - with red underline)

So I’m guessing you have not added the WETH wallet yet on your coinbase account. I suggest you contact their customer service or try to search the net on how to add a WETH wallet on your coinbase account.

By the way you don’t have to worry about the value: 0 ether because all 0. something will automatically have a 0 ether value. And you transaction fee is only .0074931824 ether.

I hope this helps man!



It is true happened to me also. ETH is a bit expensive if it comes to fees. also keep an eye on the gas fees. That will help you to plan when is the best time for transactions.

Just google ETH gas station it will show you the gas prices.


I just took a look in my sending wallet, and my ETH balance is once again showing up in my assets. For a moment my ETH balance was 0.

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Thanks, now I understand what was in my metamask to brave wallet transaction.

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