Unable to Claim Test ETH

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So i think there i a problem with the test Eth atm. https://faucet.kovan.network is not working, and the gitter is not responsive anymore.
https://enjin.io/software/kovan-faucet only sends you KENJ, and directs you to the gitter for KETH.

Can anyone send me some Test eth, so i can move on with the lecture.

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We have made a quick guide to claim kovan eth from another faucet :nerd_face:

Carlos Z


Thank you very much. I have claimed for my metamask wallet, and then sent it to the enjin wallet.

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May I ask where do I submit the captcha [image]?

Go to the MyCrypto Faucet, and select your metamask account or whatever you chose before (make sure that your metamask wallet is connected to Kovan Test Network).Click on the Request Asset, and on the next page submit the captcha. Then you can wait for the transaction.

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I am up to this step. I only see a QR code. But I seem not to see next page submit the captcha.
Please point me to the right direction.


On the left-hand side menu, you can see Tools, please put your mouse on it, and then click on Use Testnet Faucet .

After that you can follow the instructions that i wrote.


Thank you very much. Works like a charm!


Your welcome :partying_face:

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Thank You TolgaKmbl…I had the same problem with the Kovan faucet

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