Tutor / Counselor?

Hey People,

Are we supposed to be in touch with some kind of guide or tutor who is meant to help us decide what route we want to take regarding our studies?
That’s one of the reasons I chose this course but as of yet, I can’t even get in touch with the support team.
Does anyone have any info? below is a screenshot from the course page.

Hey Rhymes,

Yes, I cam help guide you on what courses to take and how to best make use of the academy based on your goals and objectives.

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Ok that would be amazing. thank you so much!

How can we connect?


Your dedicated student councellor will reach out to you tomorrow.


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Thanks so much, Sieg!
Best name, btw!


Feel free to share any info about your goals so I can add it to my agents ticket; I have also closed all the extra tickets so it is easier for Daryna tomorrow.

I saw you input on the response time, and yes it shouldn’t say it on the academy widget ; but we are dealing with this issue with our support service provider.

Anyhow, add as much as detail as you can here or in the message I just sent you via email. I will ensure we have an extra agent on place to avoid further incidents like this!

Much appreciated and love to hear you like Ivan; my apologies for the slow start, we will get you up to speed in no time!! :raised_back_of_hand:

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