Trying to deploy a project on a testnet. Ropsten, Kovan and Rinkeby. Alll give different errors

Hi guys! I’m a bootcamp student trying to deploy my crypto kitties project on the testnet.

I’ve uploaded the video of the error that I get because I can’t explain the error without visually showing it :slight_smile:

I’ve done everything from Filip’s bonus week testnet guide and here is what happens:

  1. Ropsten - when I type “migrate” it says that my cryptokittes contract is an abstract contract eventhough it works fine with Ganache.

2 Kovan and Rinkeby - it shows what you see in the video. Can you please tell me whatI’m doing wrong?

Hey @Bulava, hope you are ok.

The error showed in your video, might be caused by a syntax error somewhere in one of the contracts (cant say which one exactly), I remember that error appears to me long ago, and it was because i have syntax issues that truffle does not identify for me, instead i used hardhat and it mention a lot of issues that i fixed and then i was able to deploy properly my contracts.

Carlos Z

Hi! Thanks for the response! Trying Hardhat at the moment. Will post the results here

Hi Carlos! So i’ve checked everything in hardhat and trying to deploy it from hardhat now. It gives me HH100 error
100 error

I’m using the Filip’s video
where he doesn’t have this problem. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

here is my configrop

Please take your time to watch the same video from where you sent it, your network file is not exactly as filip have it on the video. YOu have some syntax issues, like network instead of networks.

Carlos Z

OMG… I’m an idiot… Been trying to solve it for almost 3 days… Thank you!!!

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