Trouble in installing Enjin Wallet daemon in 2023

Hi all,
I’m currently doing the Enjin development course, but I’m stuck in installing the Enjin wallet daemon. I’ve scroll through previous posts regarding to this exact same problem, but the solutions provided there doesn’t help me get the installation completed.
I’ve tried using the wallet daemon that filip had provided in the course video, as well as the beta daemon found in Enjin’s official github. but still couldn’t get the daemon installed and up and running.
the problems I’m having are as follows:

  1. when using npm install on the daemon, it has a lot of critical errors on the libraries that the daemon built on, and in which even with the command such as npm audit fix --force it doesn’t solve the issue

  2. when running npm node src/main.js account new node src/main.js link <LINK_CODE> npm node src/main.js` none of them works and give an error code saying the module is empty and main.js doesn’t exist.

so I’m wondering is there a new way to fix this issue? I’m using Window 11, if that matters to anything

Hi @Philip_Wong

You can find the latest docs for setting up Enjin wallet on below documentation page. It shows the setup for win 10. I think the same will also work for win 11.

hi @JohnVersus,
I already tried that, it didn’t work

Hi @Philip_Wong

As per their GitHub docs, you need to have a specific Python version. Does this requirement meet on your machine?

They did also include some hardware requirements for Windows on the below GitHub docs. I recommend checking them once. You can also look into the GitHub issues to know if someone had similar issues.

hi @JohnVersus,
I’ve tried it again with python 3.10, and still got the same error, I’ve included below the screenshot of the error message when trying to perform npm install on enjin wallet beta

Ahh ok. Don’t know what else could go wrong. You can ask this on their GitHub issues for any help.

Unfortunately, I cannot test this on my end.

yea ok, thanks for trying. I’ll try to ask them on discord or github. otherwise I’ll just go through the course without following through step by step in coding