Trading a HACKED project

Hi @ivan , Chris Bailey and all, loved the TA module. Thanks guys.

I saw Ivan’s YouTube video on the recent PAID Network hack. The PAID token price fell from over $2.40 to between approx 45 cents and 10 cents for about four days then recovered (so between 5x to 24x recovery)

Two questions:
– Did the price collapse due directly to the actions of the hacker, or the market (and holders) got scared, or a bit of both?

– PAID is a legit business, so clearly would bounce back stronger and wiser from a hack (and not disappear). If a legit business gets hacked and the token price collapses, is that a good trade to take? Clearly it’s high risk, but historically, have these companies always seen the same pattern of the drop, consolidation and recovery?

…And food for thought, if this pattern has played out a few times before, it could actually be an incentive for any bad actors to stage a hack on their project, get some publicity, sound like superstars for promises of quick refunds, security upgrade, etc whilst secretly pocketing those 24x gains! :thinking:


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