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What software do you use for chart analysis please?

Watching these videos when the price was 3700$, and now sitting close to 11000$ is quite painful ^_^;


Hahaha, true @samgamgee321 :slight_smile:

Hi there, which platform would you recommend for trading (taking into account your parameters of good Api connection and low fees?

Most of video stop so did not get to much out of that lesson.

@filip I know it was a long time ago that you recorded this, but it took me a long time (too long :blush:) to figure out that n in the Strategy Tester lesson’s pinescript has been replaced by bar_index. Hope this helps others trying to follow along with you! cheers


hi @filip thank you very much for your content I’ve been in the space for 3 years trading my own account and im question is how can I get a hedge fund job in crypto is it possible for me?

Hey all, just doing some TA. If i was to use Binance exchange can we implement a code from TA in to that platform? Or can we only use Trading view to do such a Strategy?


Those BTC prices in the video… :heart_eyes: so cheap

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Specify pine version 3 to make the example work

strategy(title = "Test")
// open order id "buy"
strategy.entry("buy", true, 100, when = n==1)
strategy.close("buy", when = n==1000)

Or use version 4 (use “bar_index” instead of “n”)

strategy.entry("buy", true, 100, when=bar_index == 1)
strategy.close("buy", when=bar_index == 1000)
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Today is 7.3.2021 and the price is 50.600 $ :grinning:

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:slight_smile: Today 11k would be a big big bearish market day, could it be the ned… or a good day to buy the dip. and btw, when you say buyying the dip at 47k… sounds like a joke… :slight_smile …

@filip please rerecord, for motivation issues only :slight_smile:

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