Tokens seemingly being sent from MEW wallet

Hi there,
I have seen several transactions recently for this token (Erc20 (:v:(◕‿-):v: being sent out from my MEW wallet. I do not own any of this token.
When I check the blockchain transaction, the transactional hash shows another wallet address using my MEW address to send these tokens out. No gas was incurred from my MEW address.

See for example,

It seems that my MEW wallet has been used for this transaction.
Can I just check if anybody has this experience before and should I be concern that my MEW wallet may have been compromised?


Hey @DamienW,

your wallet is not compromised thats why your ether is still here. About the contract, unfortunately there is no code uploaded on etherscan, but I think the contract of this ERC20 token allows the owner of the contract to transfer tokens of other addresses. I guess this token is used for some kind of promotion, I don’t know why your address is used tho.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Just to clarify, what i dont understand is that why is that these tokens can be transferred from my MEW account even though I have not receive these tokens? Can the contract be created such that it can just generate and send tokens from any address?

Yes that is possible too, all the contract creator has to do is skip any checks before a token amount is send which means your account can send tokens to another address even though you don’t have any. It seems like the contract always sends 2500 token which are newly generated with each transfer.

found this in one of the tx codes

crazy spam token

How did your wallet look so special to that spammer?