Token, crowdsale, airdrops section - where is this?

Hi, I was trying to learn Ethereum NFT Games development.

During the introduction, Ivan mentioned this pre-requisite course that I should study first. Although some parts were already divided into main courses such as Ethereum programming 101 and the Javascript programming for blockchain. But in the mentioned syllabus, I really cannot find the “Moving into internet 3.0 by Filip” and the “Token, Crowdsales, and airdrops” from the courses?

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Hey @brydyetz, hope you are well.

Although the mentioned course in the pre-requisites videos has change long ago, the content or knowledge need it for the course is the same: the JavaScript course that we offer in the academy and at least Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 should be enough to get the fundamentals for this course :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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Thank very much @thecil :slight_smile:

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