The World’s First ICO Platform Implementing DAICO

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I’m here again to share to you the best ICO of 2018. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am a trader, investor and ICO expert, I have been connected in Cryptocurrency Industry since 2014 and until now I am looking for best ICO to invest and earn more money.

In my 4 years’ journey in Cryptocurrency Industry I already gain a lot of money. I just started in small capital until it gains value over time and covers my daily expenses and needs. In some cases, I encountered many problems such as Scam companies, Unstable price of coin, hacking incidents and many more. This is the reason why I started to research more effectively to avoid these problems. There are many fundamentals, characteristics and features that must exist in one project and we should analyze them thoroughly in order to understand the real value of coin.

As an investor I believe we should choose the right ICO to protect our capital.

ICO is important in many projects, in this process they will accumulate enough funds to be used at the start-up of their project. Perhaps many of us would like to join the ICO because of the large discount given in each section of the campaign, for example: if the ICO runs 3 months the first month is 50% discounted and the next month is 30% discount and the last month is 10% discount. ICO is profitable because of these discounts but there are also risks involved with it.

Nowadays, there are many new and upcoming ICO’s or company which has a variety of platforms that you need to check carefully to select the right ICO you are entering. ICO has become negative in the eyes of many investors because of scam issues who collecting the money with their own website so it’s very easy for them to steal the money of investors, the result is many have lost confidence in the ICOs and chose to invest only in coins that have already entered to Exchange.

Thankfully, all these problems are now resolved by ICOVO. ( visit here to participate on ICO:

ICOVO will host a trusted and good ICOs, which will give us a confident to invest our money, by offering ICOVO Web, ICOVO App, and DAICOVO.

ICO Transparency and Security

With the use of DAICOVO, an original smart contract that incorporates the basic idea of DAICO decentralized token management, the transparency and security of ICOs will be increased.

This platform has many features like system that only allows withdrawals according to a Tap system (setting an amount that can be withdrawn per unit time). In this system it will prevent developers from running with raised funds. Additionally, the investor has the right to withdraw their investment raised under the agreement as a refund if there’s a problem with the project.

Reduce Barriers for ICO Participation

Local Wallet Implementation: Implementing a safe local wallet in ICOVO’s original ICO-specialized smartphone app, the ICOVO App, helps with understanding the participation process for complicated token sales and managing tokens. This Wallet format has enhancing security by holding the private key only in the mobile device not online.

Easy to understand Format: All White Papers will be presented in a summary and well-organized format to be able to understand easily.

One KYC for all projects : KYC will be performed only once as ICOVO will share the information to all ICO project founders.

Increase Project Durability

Every project will gain more investors because of the system which is original smart contracts implementing DAICOVO in which funds can only be withdrawn according to the Tap, the confidence of investors and motivation to finish the project will be sustained.


PRESALE BONUS 40% visit here to participate:

Schedule: 2018-09-24 00:00(UTC) - 2018-10-08 23:59(UTC)

Read their White Paper for complete Information about the project:

Visit their website:

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Looks promising. If it’s launched as expected will give it a try. It’s in my google calender :wink: