The New Technology Stack? And how to factor in legacy systems?

Hey there,

First post … so hi to all :slight_smile:

So blockchains are cool and all that. And I really believe we are on the cusp of a new Technological paradigm that will (and is) transforming society as we know it for the better …

But I have some questions.

The current Tech Stack for a standard business would be login using a user account, access an application to perform some business requirement.

The login would access a database, the business requirement converse with a database. Another business element accesses another database. Another department accesses another database etc … and work gets done.

The Tech Stack to acommodate the above, in a very rudimentary setup would be, 1) Active Directory for Account login to corpprate network, SQL to access databases (some custom, some bespoke). Sharepoint for document management (lets say). Firewalls at the perimieter to protect data.

Blockchains enable distribution and dcentralisation of certain business activities (but not all?).

So if a corporation was to adopt a blockchcain-centric solution, is the business expected to become fluent in the varying Blockchain solutions that are out there to replace the legacy systems?

Civic, Plexus or uPort for Identity, IPFS or Storj for Storage (lets say), Waves, Block, NEO or Ethereum, Stratis or ICON for a Blockchain backbone? Agrello for the HR / Legal department to acommodate Legal Contracts on teh Blockchian.

So in reality, a corporation won’t havve a single bloickchain solution (just yet maybe - ICON comes close I suppose). But a company will have a Stack of Blockchains, interacting with each other via BlockNet or ICON (for example).

Just trying to get a grasp on how the legacy setup of today, could transition to the new Blockchain space.