The benefits of blockchain

the benefits of blockchain is as listed below.

  1. transparency in transactions
  2. since you can only add and can not delete from the blockchain , its therefore impossible for manipulation
  3. since its an open source ledger where series of verification is made , it eliminates fraud
    4, because of the ease of tracking activities on the blockchain , Auditing becomes very easy to carry out

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Benefits of Blockchain

  1. Transparency:

Legers are available for public view. Increased accountability, Increased integratory.

  1. Security:
    Increased and improved security, decreasing significantly falsified information, and doing away with a ‘trustless’ systems and promoting a system of verification.

  2. Improved traceability:
    Creating an audit trail, improved security, reduction of fraud, increased authenticity, and tracking.

  3. Increased efficiency and speed:
    Remove middlemen, unify records, automate agreements between parties.

  4. Reduced cost:
    Remove middlemen

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  1. Transparency
    Transactions are open for public viewing, therefore bad actors cannot corrupt the ledger with accounting tricks. Every stakeholder is able to see what the other parties are doing.

  2. Security
    All transactions are encrypted and linked to the the previous ones thus forming the blockchain. This makes impossible for these entries to be altered.

  3. Improved Traceability
    Blockchain has a built-in audit trail that allows you to trace where each transaction came from so it is
    always possible to track something.

  4. Increased efficiency and speed
    Because blockchain is decentralized payments can be made from one party to another accross borders without 3rd party actors. Rental payments can automated via smart contracts.

  5. Reduced cost
    The efficiency and speed of blockchain helps in reducing costs. Additionally, since a lot of third party actors are eliminated this will also help in reducing costs.

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