Teacher/Tutor help

Any programmers who are out there willing to help with HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming for a beginner. I love the courses on here but sometimes I lose motivation because I like to work with someone in real-time. Just curious.


Hello…sure Joe. I would like to help / and benefit since I am a grade school teacher. But teaching programming will be awesome also,


That’s totally understandable - having someone to work with in real-time definitely keeps you motivated! I’m sure there are plenty of helpful people out there who would be willing to help - you could try posting in the relevant coding forums and see if anyone is available. You can also contact the team of specialists at https://aquinaseducation.co.uk/main/teaching-in-the-uk/teaching-jobs-london/ to get support in finding the best teacher or a reputable institution that will meet all your requirements in teaching the basics of programming. There are also some great online platforms where you can book teachers and tutors for specific coding topics. Good luck with your journey!